Free Legal Advice Launched for Qatar Residents

Those who cannot afford a lawyer, you can now receive free legal advice at (QU) Qatar University. This is a new initiative launched by Qatar University’s Law Division.

Pro Bono cases were just handled by lawyers of QU a couple of months ago even though this was established last 2012. Cases that the clinic receive comprise of child, custody, divorce, labor and marriage are being managed by this group since February.

This venture is focused on helping children, women, the elderly, people that have disabilities and human trafficking victims.

Free Law Clinic in Qatar University

Dr. Mohamed Mattar (QU clinical law professor) said that it is meaningful as a lawyer to do what’s best for the nation by being aware of the society of Qatar and help it’s members, while it is also important to earn profit out of the profession.


Process in Getting a Lawyer from the Law Clinic

As stated by Dr. Mattar, they concentrate on aiding people who’re not able to hire a lawyer. That these less fortunate people don’t need to bring documents as proof of being penniless.

Dr. Mattar pointed out some scenarios that help identify those people who cannot afford hiring a lawyer.

When a case is accepted, a lawyer is assigned by the clinic to regulate a legal plan. As an example, assigned lawyers can escalate the case to court.

Pro Bono Assistance

When this occurs, it is directed to law firms that have lawyers who offer pro bono and that are associated with the law clinic like Al Sulaiti.

Dr. Mattar said that their organization has a network of firms and lawyers in Qatar. And it consists of many lawyers who display their passion in contributing their ability and services free of charge.

A student studying law commented that it’s great to know that this kind of service exists in Qatar and it is a good environment for law students.

Contact Information (Law Clinic)

Phone number: 4403 7786

Clients that need Legal Assistance can email