Understanding Qatar Culture: Take Off Your Shoes inside a Qatari’s House

Taking off your shoes is an important sign of respect when you enter a Qatari’s house. In a recent video by iLoveQatar.net, Khalifa Saleh Al Haroon aka Mr.Q explains why it’s necessary to remove your shoes when visiting a house.

Video (c) YouTube | Mr. Q – iLoveQatar.net

The clip exhibits how valuable it is for a person to take off their shoes or sandals when going indoors. Not only does it show a sign of respect but it also encourages cleanliness. It may be OK to other countries that shoes are worn within the household but it’s a big NO in Qatar. Additionally, having smelly or dirty feet is also disrespectful to the house owner.

It’s good to know these small tips to help guide us how to behave properly in Qatar.