Qatar’s Islamic System of Law

The Islamic System of Law is also known as the Sharia Law. The primary source of its main principles come from the Holy Koran. In Qatar, the Sharia Law is its chief source of legislation.

The Islamic System of Law implemented in Qatar applies to various aspects, including family, inheritance, and numerous criminal acts. Let’s learn more about the Sharia Law as it is implemented in Qatar.

qatar sharia law

How the Sharia Law is Implemented in Qatar

1. Basics of Sharia Law

Like most legal systems, in Sharia Law, one is innocent until proven guilty. However, unlike some laws, the Sharia Law has defined penalties for crimes such as murder, desertion or rejection of Islam, fornication, adultery, homosexuality, and more.

2. Expatriates not Exempt


To be clear, expats are not exempted from the laws of the land. In Qatar, you are expected to obey the laws to avoid being arrested, questioned, and asked to make a statement. One important thing to remember is that all our testimonies in court will be translated to Arabic.

3. Flogging

In Qatar, flogging is an accepted form of punishment as recommended by the Sharia Law. These types of punishments are often used for crimes such as illicit sexual relations or alcohol consumption. For example, if you are caught being adulterous, the Sharia Law states you will get 100 lashes.

When the adultery is between a non-Muslim man and a Muslim woman, however, the punishment is more severe. This crime is punishable by death.

4. Revealed by God

Sharia Law was not invented by legal scholars. Instead, it was revealed to the founder of Islam, Prophet Muhammad, in 570 BCE. Sharia is a religious legal system for that matter, and sometimes contradicts legal systems created by Western society.

5. Qatar Introduces Western Laws

Western Laws were introduced to Qatar during the year 1916, when British politics influenced the country. Another important milestone in the country’s history, the discovery of oil in 1940, further ushered Western laws in the country. Jurisdiction under the British rule didn’t really unseat the Sharia Law; rather, both worked hand in hand.

6. Sharia Court

There are several Sharia Courts in Qatar, including: the Petty Sharia Court as the first and second courts; the Grand Sharia Court, which takes appeals from the Petty Court; and the Presidium of the Sharia Courts.

These are some of the important aspects of the Sharia Law as it is implemented in Qatar. Learn this law by heart so your time in Qatar will be worry-free and full of fun.