Ministry of Interior Qatar Warns Netizens on Spreading Rumours Online

Be careful what you post and share online. The Ministry of Interior-Qatar warns netizens to avoid spreading false information (rumour mongering) online. MOI reminds residents to be aware as not to post stories without verifying sources as it might cause harm to society.

At the same time, this post also serves as a reminder to everyone to stop posting unverified information as those involved will be held legally accountable.

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Avoid Spreading False Information

Qatar Ministry of Interior explained that there are incidents that happened in other places but were posted as though these occurrences happened in Qatar. These rumours give a bad image to the country. There are also users who use old information or announcements and post it as something new via social media.

These rumours are made to mislead people causing harm or damage. So to everyone using social media, we should all practice caution.

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Keep Away from Rumour-Mongering Rumours spread fast specially through social media. Rumour mongers love to spread…

Posted by Ministry of Interior – Qatar on Tuesday, March 29, 2016