25 New Cases in Qatar as COVID-19 Total Reaches 526

According to the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH), the total number of COVID-19 cases in Qatar has reached 526 as 25 new cases are added in the last 24 hours. This ranks Qatar second among GCC countries in terms of total number of cases. The worst-hit GCC country is Saudi Arabia, which has 767 cases. The number of cases in Saudi Arabia spiked within the last day as 205 new cases were added.

Among the 25 new cases, 16 are expats while 9 came from abroad. Five of those are Qatari citizens who arrived from the United Kingdom, the tenth hardest-hit country in the world with 8,077 cases. According to a spokesperson from the Ministry, all new cases are placed in quarantine. One patient who has a travel history to the United Kingdom is currently in an intensive care unit, and among all cases, 6 are critical. To learn more about how you can protect yourself from a coronavirus infection, read this article.

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UPDATE: Total Number of COVID-19 Cases in Qatar now at 526

Qatar currently has 41 totally recovered patients. Statistically speaking, there are 183 cases per 1 million population in Qatar. Despite growing numbers in active cases, the great news is that Qatar has not yet recorded any deaths due to the coronavirus disease. According to Lolwah bint Rashid bin Mohamed Al-Khater, HE the Spokesperson of the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management, the country is optimistic that the situation will soon be in control, and it will become stronger as a result. She also said that cooperation is the key to managing this health crisis, and goes on to praise the citizens and residents of Qatar for being responsible and practicing social distancing and other precautions.

The Ministry of Public Health shared an infographic via Twitter, highlighting the recent numbers related to COVID-19. The infographic shows 177 new residents have been tested for coronavirus infection, bringing the total to 11,531. It also shows the total number of cases as well as the recently added ones. Moreover, the tweet shows how many patients have fully recovered.

For more information about the Coronavirus Disease 2019, you can contact the hotline number 16000. You can also visit the official website of the Ministry of Public Health of Qatar.

In the fifth press conference for the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management, HE Lolwah Rashid Al Khater emphasized that Qatar will provide all necessary health care and medical services free of charge. This applies not just to Qatari locals but to all residents as well. Moreover, Hamad Medical Corporation’s Medical Director of QRI & Rumaila Hospital, also stressed in a press release that the elderly should stay at home because they are most likely immuno-compromised and have multiple chronic disease.

To help see the end of COVID-19 and its woeful health and economic consequences, we should strictly do our part as residents and continue to provide any form of support to the front-liners; the doctors of various specialties, nurses, and other health workers. On our end, it cannot be stressed and overemphasized enough: stay at home and practice proper hygiene.