8 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Qatar

Interesting Facts about Qatar you need to know. ©Steven Byles/Flickr

Years ago, very little is known about Qatar, let alone knew what the country is like. But in just a short period, Doha has evolved into a first-class city with its remarkable vista, quintessential architecture, and boasting some of the finest gastronomic restaurants that give unforgettable experiences to expats and tourists alike.

Qatar is indeed a very unique country with rich culture and is becoming a cosmopolitan city that the world has to experience.

Trivia about Qatar

If you’re a newcomer in Qatar, here are some interesting facts you need to know:

  1. Qatar will be the first in its region to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022. It will happen in November or December, and not on the expected June schedule due to the extreme heat that the country is experiencing during the summer season. The whole country is being prepared for the coming of tourists and all the famous athletes and teams in the world of soccer/football.

  FIFA World Cup 2022 ©Doha Stadium Plus Qatar/Flickr

  1. With the highest GDP per capita, it is also the biggest exporter of liquid gas around the world. The country’s oil and gas revenues are the major contributing factors in its GDP. With this, you can expect that the country offers a very cheap price of petroleum.

Petrol in Qatar is extremely cheap. ©Craig Sunter/Flickr

  1. Camel racing, though quite a pricey leisure activity, is still a very much popular sport in the country. It can still attract quite a big number of audiences especially now that it is incorporating technology by using remote-controlled robot jockeys to ride the camel during races for safety practices.

Camel Racing is still a popular sport in Qatar. ©feyfae/Flickr

  1. Camping is a popular outdoor activity whether it be on the beach or in the desert. Sealine Beach in Mesajeed is a popular destination for dune bashing and camping for families and friends.
  1. Fridays and Saturdays is their weekend following the Islamic law. Expect the stores to be closed on a Friday morning in observance of the afternoon prayer.
  1. The Pearl Qatar. Made in the island off the West Bay coast with its Mediterranean-style marinas that attract tourists and expats alike to get a taste of wealth and extravagance, this luxurious attraction is named as the ‘Arabian Riviera’. Lined with popular dining spots, brand name boutiques and five-star restaurants and cafes, this place would surely a symbol of chic elegance.

    The Pearl Qatar ©jbdodane/Flickr

  1. Chai Karak, also known as ‘kadak chai’ or ‘masala chai’ is a traditional drink that is gaining popularity in the gulf region. You can trace its humble beginnings in the South Asian countries of India and Pakistan. It’s an infusion of black tea, sugar and cardamom. Follow the simple recipe below to make your own blend of karak chai.
  1. Mix a teaspoon of loose black tea and crushed cardamom with a cup of boiling water and boil for a few minutes.
  2. Remove from the heat; add milk and sugar to your taste (you can use condensed milk for creamier blend).
  3. Place back on the heat and boil for two more minutes.
  4. Best served hot.

     Chai Karak, Kadak Chai, Masala Chai ©Alpha/Flickr

  1. Qatar is also proud of its diverse wildlife. Purple Island or Al Khor Island is a great place for fishing and camping. It is home to wild birds and mangroves and other species. The place is both marsh and wetland which is a favorite place for migratory birds as it offers a perfect place for their breeding and feeding grounds.

Mangrove Swamp in Al Khor ©Isabell Schulz/Flickr

Touring Qatar would prove to be a very memorable one. Just keep in mind the dos and don’ts while traveling this very unique country, and you will surely have a wonderful adventure.