Here’s Where You Can Buy Outfit and Decorative Items for Qatar National Day

Excited for the upcoming Qatar National Day? By now, you might have noticed that shops and homes have started to put up decorations in time for the holiday.

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Don’t get left behind! There’s still time to get some merchandise from stores in Doha. The National Day celebration is even better this year because Qatar is hosting the FIFA World Cup.

Souq Waqif

Shop for Qatar National Day Items and Memorabilia

When December rolls around, shops and other establishments are full of decorations in preparation for the National Day held every December 18. If you’re looking to put up some decors at home or at work, we listed the shops that you can go to.

Souq Waqif

You can find almost anything in Souq Waqif, including caps, dresses, and traditional costumes. You’ll find stalls after stalls selling outfits for National Day. There are different sizes available at reasonable prices.

Al Rawnaq

This shop carries assorted items for National Day. Whether you are looking for flags, banners, car stickers, and many more, you’ll find all these in any of the branches. All the items are affordable, so you can definitely buy more than one.

You can find Al Rawnaq in Al Tarbiya Street, Q Mall, as well as other shops in Doha. You can also check out their site to see their National Day items.

Ansar Gallery

If you are looking for balloons, car stickers, badges, and flags, you can also head on over to Ansar Gallery. You can also get some flag scarves and other souvenir items, such as magnets and key chains. For your convenience, you can also shop online. Check out their website for payment methods and a shipping guide.

Ibn Al Qayyim

Ibn Al Qayyim, also known as your favorite bookstore, sells National Day merchandise. You can get shirts, caps, and umbrellas of various designs. The store also carries flags, car hood covers, hand clappers, and other items that you can use to decorate your place. With 5 branches in Qatar, there is always an Ibn Al Qayyim branch near you! But if there’s no time to shop, you can also visit their online store.

Ard Modern Car Accessories

If you want to put decorations in your car, you can also find what you need in this shop. Head on over to Al Matar Qadeem Street and take your pick of car stickers, hood covers, and flags.

Wow Gifts Doha

When you want unique balloon décor to celebrate the holiday, you can check out this shop’s designs. This flower shop can accommodate your customized message and design.

Lulu Hypermarket

Not only can you get your groceries when you visit Lulu Hypermarket, but you can also pick up some shirts and caps for National Day. With many branches in Qatar, you can easily get your outfit in time for the celebration.


Now that you know where you can get themed decorations and shirts, you can now join in celebrating the National Day. Be sure to bring along your flags when you watch the parade!

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