5 Most Popular Street Foods in Qatar

Everywhere you go around the world, each country always has its own unique set of street foods. Street foods are significant from an economic point of view because most urban settlers eat it. When you think of street food, you think of accessible food with low prices. You can also think of street food as truly reflecting the cultural essence of a nation. It keeps cities alive.

In Qatar, street foods are truly popular in major cities. In fact, the country frequently hosts street food festivals to commemorate the diversity of cooking styles in these street delicacies. When you haven’t been to Qatar and you’d like to visit the country someday, be sure to try out these delicious foods.

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Qatar Street Foods You Must Try

1. Shawarma

Shawarma is perhaps one of the most popular Arabic street food. In fact, there are many shawarma stalls in the Philippines, but while the ones back home are delicious, you should try the authentic Arabic version which is also very popular in Qatar. To those who are unfamiliar, shawarma resembles a pita bread sandwich that is filled with marinated meat and pickles, tomatoes and other condiments. The trademark of a shawarma stall is that of a huge chunk of meat skewered with a rod and subjected to heat for slow cooking. The shawarma in Qatar is around 7 to 15 riyals.

2. Crepe

In Qatar, Arabic crepe is a popular street food. It is made with flour mixed with water and a little bit of salt to create a wheat batter. This batter is then poured over a circular frying pan and with a spatula spread evenly. After about one minute the Arabic crepe is done. In some stalls they add Nutella to make the crepe even tastier. In Qatar, the crepe is around 5 riyals.

3. Pani Puri

Pani Puri is a popular street food in Qatar that has Indian descent. It looks like crispy hollow balls made of wheat flour stuffed with several ingredients, including flavored water, chat masala, tamarind chutney, chickpeas, onions and potatoes. If you want to know where most people in Qatar buy Pani Puri, it’s in a place called Bombay Chowpatty, an Indian restaurant located in Al Matar Street, Doha.

4. Khaboos

Khaboos is Arabic Flat bread made with Maida, a white wheat flour from the Indian subcontinent. It is usually served with dips and hummus. If you want to taste authentic Khaboos, the best place to go is the Souq Waqif.

5. Magic Corn

Corn is really common all over the world, but it gets a special mention here because Qataris just love it. It is very popular for a quick snack break. It is much like the famous sweet corn in the Philippines, but in Qatar it is served with butter, sauce, chili powder, salt and lemon for added flavors.

Street foods are really popular in Qatar. You should try them out while in the country. Not only do they taste good, they help you experience Qatar culture through the taste buds.