How to Tour Doha on a Bus

For those looking to take a scenic route of Doha, the Doha Bus offers tour packages. Those who are on transit visa or staying in Qatar for the first time might find this tour useful to be familiar to the country. And who can resist the fun of riding a double deck bus?

The packages available are:  Hop On Hop Off (48 Hours or 24 Hours) and Night Tour. There is also the Monster Bus Experience, available in 4 hours and 6 hours, to tour the dunes. The guides in these trips are first aid certified and bilinguals.

Doha Bus
photo credit: Doha Bus Facebook Page

Doha Bus Tour Packages

  • Hop On Hop Off – passengers can choose between the 24 and 48 hour-tour option. The tour starts at 9 AM until 9 pm. There are 3 pick-up points. In this tour, passengers will go to 21 destinations.  As the tour name suggests, passengers can hop off their bus and explore each location stop for as long as they want. Then they can hop on the same bus, or if it has left, they can hop on the next bus that will come along.

The 24 hour tour allows the passengers to tour Doha in one day. In the 48 hour tour, they can continue their               tour the next day. The Hop On Hop Off tour options also gives the added benefit of a complimentary ride to               the Night Tour. But take note the Hop On Hop Off tour is seasonal, and runs from July to May only. Ticket                   price is 180 QR. There are also family package rates.

  • Night Tour – in this package, the passengers will get to experience Souq Waqif and the Doha Skyline at night. It starts at 7pm and will last for about 60 minutes. Ticket price is 95 QR for adults and 45 QR for children.
  • Monster Bus Experience –  will take the passengers to a dune ride, on an off-road bus. The destination is Sealine dunes, and is about an hour away from the city proper.

The Monster Bus 4 hours includes the dune ride and snacks/ refreshments. Meanwhile, the 6-hour option                    includes meal at Sealine Beach Resort, as well as the use of the beach facilities. Ticket price is 460 QR.

Photo credit: Doha Bus FB

All tours include refreshments. There are also audio guides on the bus, and are available in Arabic, English, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese/ Brazilian. The guides have first aid trainings. They are also bilingual.

Every passenger is also reminded about observing proper behaviour during the tour and when interacting with the locals. For instance, one needs to ask permission before taking photos of locals. Also, male passengers are not allowed to ask directions from Qatari women.