How to Get a Vaccination Certificate for Filipinos

Filipinos who are fully vaccinated can get their certification online through VaxCertPH. This program is from the initiative of the Department of Information and Communications Technology.

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Since this project is on a soft launch, priority is given to OFWs residing in the National Capital Region (NCR). It was made available during the first week of September.

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How To Get A Free Certification?

With the rollout of the vaccine, more and more Filipinos have completed the COVID-19 vaccination. Getting vaccinated is very important for our kababayans bound for abroad. In almost all other countries, expats have to present a certificate of COVID-19 vaccination to be allowed entry to their host country.

With this new platform from DOH, our kababayans can get their certification quickly. At the moment, this service is initially available for NCR residents. The information presented here is from the YouTube channel of Nickoloko Vlogs.

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Here are the steps to register with VaxCertPH:

  • Using a smartphone or a computer, go to You should also have your vaccination card and government-issued ID ready while accomplishing the form.
  • Please read the privacy notice. Click on the box confirming that you read the policy. Proceed with the encoding of details.
  • On the next page, you will provide the details of your vaccination. But you can only use this facility 14 days (or two weeks) after your second dose. You will also need to verify if you are an OFW with a flight schedule within the next two weeks.
  • You will also be asked whether you are fully vaccinated or partially vaccinated. You cannot proceed with the registration if you are partially vaccinated. And on your second dose, you should wait after 48 hours to register with this facility.
  • As you enter your details, make sure that you encoded the correct information. You will enter your name and birthday. You will also need to provide the location and date where you received your vaccine.
  • Once you have entered these details, you can review the information that you provided.
  • You will then proceed to the page where you can verify your information. Make sure that you provided accurate information.
  • On the next page, you will enter a computer-generated code. Entering this code will check the facility whether you have a vaccination record or not. If you have a vaccination record, you can proceed with getting your certificate.
  • You will be able to generate a vaccination certificate with a QR code. You can keep the file on your phone or computer. Or you can download and print it for reference.

vaccination certificate

  • You can then present this certificate when needed.

Watch the full video here:

You could also confirm with your employer or country of destination for other health declaration requirements. Some countries still require a so-called yellow card for proof of vaccination. If you are heading to any of these countries, you still need to request an appointment with the government agency providing this kind of card.

Keep yourself updated with these pieces of information so you can have a hassle-free journey. Always keep safe.

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