Cancelling your visa in Qatar

You need to the important forms for visa cancellation, one form for you to fill out and another form to be filled out by your employer/sponsor. The forms are in Arabic but there would be notes in English at the back of the form. The forms should have a signature and stamp of your employer/sponsor.

After the form is completed, go to the immigration at Madinat Khalifa and submit the completed docs with your identity card as well as the ID card of your employer/sponsor. Once the ID card is submitted, it will not be given back, but in return, a small slip is given as proof of submitting the requirements for visa cancellation.

After submission, the information is registered into the computer and gives you the permission to exit the country with no problems.

Employers often give exit permit on the same day you cancelled your visa, it will be valid for 7 days from the date the employer issued the exit permit.