Experience Water Adventures in these Waterparks in Qatar

When the weather is too warm and the air conditioner is not enough, where can you go to cool off? A day at a waterpark is a good option. 

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You can surely beat the heat at some of the waterparks in Qatar. These attractions are easily accessible to everyone, and the rides are suitable for guests of all ages. 

Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park
Image Credit: https://www.facebook.com/desertfallsqa/

Fun-Filled Day at the Waterpark

During summer, temperatures can get really high in Qatar. While you can have air conditioning at home, you might still be looking for ways to feel cool, even for just a day. Look no further, because you can head on over to one of the waterparks in the country.

Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park

This waterpark is one of the largest theme parks in the Middle East, and is open for guests of all ages. You might have to drive further, as this park is located at Hilton Salwa Beach Resort near the Saudi Arabia border. And once you get to your destination, you know that it is worth the drive.

On the other hand, your stay in Hilton Salwa Beach Resort also includes water park admission. However, you still need to pre-book your water park tickets before you can use the facilities. 

The waterpark has rides and slides that revolve around these themes: extreme rush, family adventure, young adventurers, as well as ride & chill. There are a total of 56 slides and rides in this destination including King Cobra, Spinning Rapids, Super Bowl, The Lazy River, Family Abyss, Surf Dunes, Whizzard Mat Racer, and Falls Pool. There are facilities for both the adventurous types and those who just want to chill in the water. Take note that some attractions have a height requirement as well. 

In particular, the King Cobra slide allows you to pass through twin tubes before reaching the final destination – that of a mouth of a giant snake. If you want to try this slide, get ready to pass through several circuits and splash around in the water. You are sure to experience an adrenaline rush when you try these attractions. 

There is a souq nearby that sells swimming essentials. Meanwhile, if you get hungry during your stay at the waterpark, you can head over to the restaurants, kiosks, and food trucks to get your fill. 

Hours of Operation

Opens daily: 10 am to 5 pm

Location: Hilton Salwa Beach Resort

Ticket Prices

Adult: 250 QAR (Ramadan Waterpark rate)

Junior: 195 QAR (Ramadan Waterpark rate)

Note: prices are subject to change without prior notice. Go to this link to check the current price or to book your tickets. 

Contact Details

How to Get to Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park

If you are using a private vehicle, head to F Ring Road, then take the ramp to G Ring Rd. Take the left at the fork and merge onto G Ring Rd. Keep driving until you reach the exit toward Salwa Road, then merge onto that road. Continue driving for another 60 km, then take the exit and keep left. Finally, turn right at the next corner.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi from Doha to the hotel. 

Meryal Waterpark

A splashing adventure awaits you at Meryal Waterpark. Not only can you enjoy the waterpark’s adventure, but you will also learn something new and be entertained. Remember, though, that guests are required to wear proper swimwear. If you happen to wear something inappropriate, you will be asked to change. 

At Meryal, you can choose from 45 rides and 52 slides. But that’s not all, aside from the swimming pools, you can also head to the beachfront to make your trip worthwhile. Some of the slides that you can try are: Oil Slip, Wildcats Well, Blow Out, or Alsfun. 

For the more adventurous souls, you can try RIG 1938, which is a separate island in the park. It features the highest waterslide in the world, and several attempts to beat the Guinness Record were held here. If you are up to the challenge, you can try Traitorous Tanker, Vaporizer, The Boiler, and Vertigo among others. You can reach this part of the park by walking, or you can also take the train. 

These attractions mostly feature slides where you can go up and down and end up splashing in the pool. Slides are classified by your level of thrill; you can choose from easy, medium, family, or high adrenaline adventure. Some of the slides also have a height requirement, and may not be suitable for younger guests,

Meanwhile, the Edutainment Cave features marine life in Qatar. Regardless of your age, you can learn about these aquatic creatures by looking at some exhibits, simulations, and other visuals. 

Meryal Water Park
Image Credit: @MeryalWaterparkDoha

Facilities at the Park

At Meryal Waterpark, your convenience is the main priority. You can avail of lockers rentals, to keep your valuables safe while you are at the park. There are also cabanas for you to rest in between your pool hopping, You can also head on over to the Information Point to help you find your way around the park. 

If you get hungry, you can choose from the dining facilities at Meryal. The restaurants cater to diverse preferences, from kiddie menu, to Asian and Italian cuisines; all guests will find something to eat. If you are on the go, you can also grab some sandwiches and coffee for a quick meal. 

Need to buy souvenirs? The water park has toy stores and gift shops waiting for you to visit. Not only can you get toys, branded merchandise, but you can also find trinkets reflecting Qatari culture. You can also drop by the photo shop to order photos showcasing memories from your trip. 

Ticket Prices

Buy one, get one: QR 310

Hours of Operation

Tuesday to Sunday    OPEN (10 am to 5 pm)

Monday                      CLOSED

Note: During Ramadan, park schedules may change so be sure to check for their updated schedule before you visit. 

Location: Rexos Qetaifan Island North, Lusail

Contact Details

  • Telephone: +974 4144 4000
  • Email: info@meryalwaterpark.com
  • Instagram: @meryalwaterpark
  • Facebook: @MeryalWaterparkDoha

How to Get to Meryal Waterpark from Doha

When travelling by car, you can take a 30-minute drive to reach the waterpark. Simply drive out of the city onto the Lusail Expressway, heading toward the northern side of Lusail. Next, drive towards Qetaifan Island Suspension Bridge. After crossing the bridge, follow the directional signs to the water park. 

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