Alcohol Banned in Public Places during FIFA 2022

Qatar officials are enforcing the ban of alcohol in public areas in the heart of Doha when the FIFA 2022 World Cup is held. The head of the tournament organizer is making sure that alcohol will be not be sold at the stadium and should only be used for sports events.

Al-Thawadi (Secretary-General of Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy) said that alcohol is allowed in a few places that are far away during an interview with Al-Sharq (Arabic language newspaper) without any further specifics of “how far”.


Agence France-Presse reported that Alcohol is completely off-limits on public places like streets and squares said Al-Thawadi.

The alcohol ban is controversial to foreigners as it affects how the event will take place when they know how the Muslim country maintain their traditions.

Even though alcohol is banned during this event , it is not entirely illegal in Qatar, it is still be served. Foreigners who consume alcohol need to get a license in Qatar and they can enjoy drinking this beverage in hotels.