7 Business Ideas for OFWs

Our earnings as OFWs will go far if we know how to make it grow. One of the ways to grow our money is to set up a business because it can provide us with another source of stable income. In this post, we shared some business ideas that you can try.

Your family back home can manage the business while you’re away. If properly managed, you can slowly build up your savings to enable you to stay home for good. Sounds good, right?

photo credit: pixabay

Top Business Opportunities for OFWs

  1. E-commerce

This business can be managed at the comfort of your home. You can sell stuff online. Or you can offer services such as accounting or web design.

  1. Real Estate 

Let’s face it, we all need some place to live in. The real estate business can be profitable if you have a house and lot to sell. Or you can turn your property into an apartment. You can also be a real estate broker.

  1. Restaurant or food 

The food business is also very profitable, especially if your product is delicious and of good quality. You can get a franchise to start in this business. You can also develop your own recipe to offer to the public.

  1. Laundromat

Your clients are those who have no time or space to wash their clothes at home. As long as you take good care of their clothes, you will always have repeat customers.

  1. Sari-sari store

If you have a small space in your home, and there is enough foot traffic, then you can try this business as well. A lot of people go to the sari-sari store because they can buy goods in small quantity. You can also offer more by having a cellphone reloading station, or remittance center in your store.

  1. Beauty parlor

If your work abroad is related to the beauty department, then you can apply what you learned by opening a beauty parlor. This will be in demand during special occasions as well.

  1. Taxi service

With the rise of Uber and Grab, you can also try this business. You can have one or two car to add to the fleet. You can also decide if you want to drive the car yourself, or have someone trusted to drive it for you.

Bonus suggestion: If you have become proficient in another language due to your work abroad, then you can be a translator back home.

These are just some ideas to help you decide. Some other factors that you need to consider are: capital, manpower availability, government permits, etc. From time to time, you would also need to review your clients and competition to ensure that your business remains profitable.