Housing Units at Asian Town 90% Occupied

Ahmed Refaat, Senior of Marketing Official of Asian Town said that almost 90% of the housing units in Asian Town are already occupied and the rest would be occupied shortly.

The residential complex was made available for occupancy in the middle of 2015, where it has more than 5,600 rooms for a single expatriate worker.

Many companies are offering to accommodate their workers to this residential place since it has become a beautiful and attractive destination with its great facilities.

asian town

Source: Qatar-tribune.com

There are a number of shops in Asian Town near the worker’s accommodations and the fourth Cinema Hall as the latest addition to this site.

In the Industrial Area where an official of Al Madina Group was surprised that it offered many things for expatriate workers like a shopping, an amphitheater, a cricket mall and four cinema halls including an open area for residents to roam around and have refreshments.

An engineering firm official also said that there are more than 200 employees staying in Asian Town comfortably and with greater mobility, especially that there are additional buses that connect Asian Town with Doha and other parts of Industrial Area.

Asian Town has 18 three-storey buildings, a building consists of 312 rooms, and four people can stay in the 24 square-meter room. Its facilities include CCTV surveillance, water and electricity supply, housekeeping, pest control, cleaning, maintenance, recreation and sports center. A help desk that operates 24×7, healthcare units and a mosque are also available.