2 Ezdan Malls in Al Wukair and Al Wakrah to Open Soon

Two malls is set to open in the next six months, one is Ezdan Mall in Al Wakra and the other is Ezdan Mall in Al Wukair. These malls are projects of Ezdan Holding Group.

Mohammed Al Obaidli (Ezdan Holding Group CEO) said “Ezdan Mall in Al Wakra, the construction of which is almost 99 over, will be commissioned in September.”

The mall will be 64,785 sq m, it will be in the same area of HMC Hospital in the Southern Municipal Town. 38, 800 sq m will be an external rent and will have 1, 572 parking lots.

2 Malls by Ezdan Holding Ready to Open

ezdan mall qatar

Photo credit: Ezdan Holding

The company’s Ezdan Mall in Al Wukair will be over 53,000 sq m. Inside the mall would have 135 commercial stores and more than 450 parking lots, the space rented of this multi-level mall would have approximately 25,550 sq m.

All in all, this manifold will have 11 buildings, where it will be connected with other through-well designed corridors. Expected to be ready for opening later this year, the mall in Wukair is already completed.

In the meantime, Ezdan Holding Group’s population in the residential compounds will hit 100,000-mark when another project, the Ezdan Oasis is fully ready.

A subsidiary of Cityscape Qatar official said that a more than 15,200 units of the company’s 25 own villages have an accumulated population of over 70,000. He added that almost all residential units in the company’s villages are now occupied.

Ezdan Oasis, the new project will be able to entertain about 35,000 people because it has 8,679 residential units.

Because of the connectivity of the area to other countries, the laying of a large quantity of roads have increased in recent years, specially to Doha and Industrial areas.