9 Reasons Why It’s Dangerous to Become Illegal Migrants

For some of our kababayans, finding a job abroad is important, regardless of how they got it. But because of this strong desire, some of us would resort to shortcuts or illegal ways just to get a job.

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Though we want to succeed in our goal, there is always the danger of officials catching those who do not follow the law. And with this, all the efforts might just go to waste.

prone to abuse

No to Working Illegally

An article that appeared in Pilipino Star Ngayon in June discusses the case where our kababayans have started looking for opportunities now that other countries are opening up. But expect that during this time, there are illegal recruiters who are looking to take advantage of the situation.

There will be some recruiters that would recommend using a tourist visa just to enter another country. From there, the migrant will try to get a job before their visa expires. But as mentioned in the piece, there is no guarantee that an opportunity will be available because employers look for working permit. When this happens, the migrant will resort to hiding instead of going home. Filipinos call this situation as tago nang tago or TNT.

Let us discuss the reasons why working illegally will not be good for you:

  • Creating a bad image for other workers and the country.

First-world countries are wary of allowing Filipinos because of their history of overstaying. Thus, other Filipinos with legal papers will find it hard to enter the country because of unfortunate cases.

  • Rich countries can easily find illegal migrants.

The highly developed countries have a more efficient system for identifying illegal migrants. Even if the workers attempt to stay low, they will be found in time. And when that happens, they will be punished.

  • When caught, the illegal migrant can be blacklisted.

One of the effects of getting caught is being blacklisted from other countries as well. Imagine the opportunities you will miss if employers ban you from working in more developed countries.

Limited Movement for Illegal Migrant Workers

  • Limited opportunities

When you are hiding from officials, you might be wary of being seen by the wrong people. you might not want to join other activities for fear of getting caught. Eventually, the people who help you or provide you a place to stay might grow tired of helping you since they could get in trouble if caught.

  • Prone to blackmail or abuse

If ever you get in an argument, you won’t be able to fight back or get help from authorities. Your only option would be to keep silent for fear that officials will discover your real status.

  • Unable to enjoy privileges

Since you are always in hiding, you will not be able to avail services that will need your ID. You will not be able to purchase or even drive a car, buy a cellphone or even get medical services. And you can forget about joining membership clubs since you will need to provide proof of your identity.

TNTs are Helpless Against Abusers

  • Cannot get back at your abusers

Earlier, we mentioned that people can get the advantage of you since they know that you cannot report them to the authorities. Criminals can hit or assault you, but you will have second thoughts about filing a complaint. And If you decide to get help, there is a greater chance you will get arrested first before the authorities act on your concern

  • Not entitled to government benefits

Since you are not properly documented, you will not be able to avail of assistance from OWWA and other related agencies. You can imagine how inconvenient it would be if you are in an emergency and will have no one to turn to.

  • Prone to employer abuse

Some employers will take in illegal migrants. But to save money, they will give them a low salary. If you are in this case, you will not be able to report your employer because of your status. Your employer might also require you to render overtime without pay.

These are just some of the realities for those who take their chances as TNT. Being in this status carries risk, and you will also worry that authorities can arrest you anytime.

We all know how challenging it can be to get employed abroad. But it will be worth all the trouble if you can work there legally.

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