Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar for OFWs

The Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar Online (PEOS) is a service that POEA provides for those who want to work abroad. It gives useful information regarding overseas employment. Most importantly, it protects the worker from illegal recruiters.

Applicants need to create an account at the POEA website ( Once the account has been created, they need to study the modules to be able to answer some guide questions. Only by correctly answering the questions will the applicant be able to proceed and have the PEOS certificate.

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Know More About the Pre-Employment Orientation (PEOS) Seminar Online

The POEA requires those applying for overseas employment to undergo the Pre-Employment Seminar Online (PEOS). By taking this online seminar, the applicant will have an idea on what to expect about working overseas. This online seminar is  free.

Here are the steps to start using PEOS:

  1. Register – create an account at the This will enable the applicant to access the learning modules. There are separate accounts for professionals and service workers.
  2. Take the learning modules – the applicant will go through 8 modules containing relevant information about overseas employment. It takes about 7 minutes to complete each module.
  3. Review your learnings  – at the end of each module, there will be some review questions. The applicant must be able to answer at least 3 questions to be able to move on to the next module
  4. Print your PEOS certificate – after successfully completing the modules, a PEOS certificate will be awarded. This certificate will be needed for the pre-employment requirements of POEA

What are the Learning Modules?

The eight modules has videos and slide presentations regarding the topic. At the end of the each module are guide questions. The lessons are fairly easy to understand.  The modules are available in English and Tagalog versions.

  • PRICEST – gives general information about the concerns of an overseas worker such as physical mobility, relationships, income & expenses, career movement & direction, environment, skill set, and time.
  • Job Search – tells the different ways to find jobs overseas, required documents and the importance of having an OEC
  • Forewarned, Forearmed – presents information on how to avoid illegal recruiters and the different forms of illegal recruitment
  • Get the Prices Right – contains the list of required fees such as placement fee and other government-mandated fees
  • Seal the deal – discusses the minimum provisions that are needed in a standard overseas employment contract
  • Get Country Cozy – provides information, such as climate, food, dress code, general lifestyle on one’s potential workplace. It also gives some reminders on social media etiquette as well as proper internet usage to avoid getting in trouble with employers.  This module also tells which country has an embassy or Philippine Overseas Labor Office.
  • Staying Healthy and Keeping Safe – discusses security concerns and health risks that an OFW might encounter
  • POEA – Caring all the Way – list the directory of the POEA regional offices and extension units