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    How to Apply for a Security Job Abroad

    Do you have experience working as a security guard? Did you know that there are also opportunities for this job abroad?

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    There are some steps that you need to follow to secure a job. It is also important to have your documents ready and complete.

    apostille or red ribbon

    Disclaimer: The information posted here is based on the personal experiences that the OFW shared on the video. Please let this post serve as a guide only. If you have specific questions, you may ask the OFW by commenting on their video on their accounts.

    Apply in Recruitment Agency in the Philippines

    Those who want to try their luck abroad to work as security personnel will be glad to know that there are opportunities available for them. There are placement agencies in the Philippines that can facilitate their application.

    The YouTube channel of Chad Informative provides a comprehensive guide to those who want to work abroad.


    According to the vlogger, both males and females can apply as security guards. Applicants should be

    • 40 years old and below.
    • For the height requirement, males should be 5’6” to 5’7”. Females should be 5’2” to 5’3”.
    • Pass medical exam

    But this height requirement may vary depending on the placement agency.


    Here are the requirements for those who want to apply for a security guard job in Qatar:

    1. NBI clearance

    It should indicate that the document will be used to travel abroad.

    • Valid passport
    • Certificate of employment

    The certificate will come from the local agency.

    2. 14 pieces passport-sized picture

    The photos should have a white background.

    3. Certificate of the pre-employment seminar (PEOS)

    This form is available online. The applicant will register with to be able to log in. Once registered, the applicant will study the modules and answer the corresponding questions. After answering the questions correctly, the applicant will receive the results via email.

    Photo Credit: PEOS website

    The modules discuss practical knowledge that the OFWs will need once they start their jobs abroad.

    4. E-services

    The applicant will register with, using the same details used with PEOS. This portal will also allow the applicant to register their names.

    Photo Credit: POEA Online Services Portal

    5. Apostille (or red ribbon)

    This document contains the school credential of the applicant. For high school graduates, they will submit a certified true copy of their high school diploma and Form 137. For college graduates, they will submit a certified true copy (CTC) of their college diploma and transcript of records. Visit the respective Department of Education (DepEd) or Commission on Higher Education (CHED) office to request the copy.

    These offices will send the sealed CTC to the requesting party. The applicant will forward the sealed envelope to DFA for the apostille application. The corresponding cost is Php 5,400.

    6. Placement fee

    In most cases, the placement fee is equivalent to one month of the basic salary. This fee is paid in cash.

    7. Medical exam

    Most agencies will refer the applicant to their accredited clinics. Payment for the tests will vary, depending on the procedures needed.

    Application Process

    There are many ways where applicant can send their applications. It can be sent through a job portal, company website, through a phone call, or by visiting the placement agency.

    A recruiter will conduct the initial screening. Then the employer will also interview the applicant. The applicant will be advised to proceed with the medical exam after passing the interview.

    The placement agency will then request the applicant to submit the documentary requirements mentioned above. The agency will also process the visa.

    Once these are in place, the applicant will get their plane ticket and wait for their deployment.

    Video: Applying Abroad as a Security Guard

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