4 Ride Services That You Can Use in Qatar

If you depend on public transport, you would be glad to know that there are many options available in the city. You can either take the bus, Metro, or taxi.

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Recently, ride services have become a favorite option of the riding public. These companies make it easier for the passenger to get a ride by booking through an app.

safety features

Choose From These Rides

1. Karwa Taxi

This taxi service offers convenient and safe trips. The Qatari government operates Karwa taxis. There are taxis in the airport and other key areas all over the city. Each taxis have a tamper-proof meter. The flag rate within Doha is QR 4. Outside Doha, the flag rate is QR 1.9.

Karwa Taxi
Photo Credit: Mowasalat Facebook page

Karwa Taxis also offer units that have elevator mechanisms. This added feature is suited for passengers with mobility concerns. Those who want to book this model will have to require it in advance.


Website: https://www.mowasalat.com/English/Our-Services/Service-Catalog/TAXi

Facebook: @MowasalatQatar

Email addresses: info@mowasalat.com, customercare@mowasalat.com

Call Center: 800-8924

2. Uber

This is one of the first companies to offer such a service. The customer has to download the app to be able to book a ride. But the Uber website also has the facility for the customer to reserve a ride. Uber also offers a car service at the Hamad International Airport. According to the website, the fare rate will depend on the base rate, booking fee, and busy times and areas.

Photo Credit: Uber Facebook page

Uber offers safety features for its passengers. They can share information about their trips with family members.

Uber also offers rideshare facilities, allowing more than one passenger to book a single ride. Uber also offers food delivery. Passengers also have the option to rent a car for self-driving.


Website: https://www.uber.com/global/en/cities/doha/

3. Get2Go

This is one of the ride services that originated in Qatar. Get2Go charges a flat rate instead of deducting a certain percentage. Their model promises to be one of the affordable rides in the country. The minimum fare is QR6.

Photo Credit: Get2Go Facebook page

Passengers have to download the app on their phones to be able to avail themselves of the service. They can book a ride, select the vehicle, and where they want to go using their phones. Those who use the app regularly, they can save their usual destinations to help manage their booking.

Get2go also offers airport pickup from the airport. Passengers can download the app either on Google Play or Apple App Store.


Website: https://get2go.app/#main

Facebook: @get2goapp

Email address: infor@get2go.com

Phone: +974 44722556

4. Ryde

This is one of the newest ride service companies in Qatar. Ryde offers RYDE Pass, which is used to pay for each trip. These are available in QR 95, 230, and 405. The amount in the pass will never expire, so the passenger will not worry if they have not taken a trip recently. The face amount of the passes is discounted. The passengers will save more if they purchase the higher value.

Screengrab from Ryde Qatar website

Ryde promises to be one of the affordable ride services. Passengers can download the app either on Google Play or Apple App Store.


Website – https://www.rydeqatar.com/

Email address: hello@ryderqatar.com

Phone: +974 4444 7933

It will be easier to get around the city if you have plenty of transportation available. Try these services to see which works best for you.

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