Tips to Succeed in Job Applications

Job application is competitive nowadays. So the way you present yourself will help boost your chances of getting employed.

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Your application should reflect your abilities. Review your resume or curriculum vitae before sending this to the company you want to work for.

how to prepare for interview

How to Get That Job

All companies have recruiters or HR specialists who are responsible for hiring the right candidate. The recruiters face different kinds of applicants so they can find the right fit for the company.

Job applicants need to prepare their resumes or curriculum vitae to show their qualifications. It would help to present the best version of yourself, so you will have a greater chance of being chosen. Here are some tips from HR recruiters to help you:

  • Your resume should show your skills, strengths, accomplishments. You can highlight any contributions that you made in your previous company. These bits of information will help you stand out as an applicant.
  • If you do not have accomplishments to present, you can mention things you learned from your previous job.
  • Include your active contact numbers (mobile number or landline) in the resume.
  • Your resume should be in PDF before you send it online. Proofread your application thoroughly before sending it.
  • Do not put fake credentials in your resume.
  • Include a professional-looking photo in your resume. If you have a LinkedIn account, you can use your image there for applying to jobs. Do not use informal photographs that you would mainly use in your social media accounts.
  • Provide proof of your qualifications. You can attach a PDF copy of your diploma, transcript of grades, training certificates, or other similar certifications. You don’t need to send your high school diploma if you have a college degree.
  • Search for jobs on legitimate sites. You can ask people you know for reliable sources.
  • You do not have to deliver your application personally to each company in Qatar. For one, it might be uncomfortable for you when if the temperature is too warm. If you have the option to send your resume by email, choose this option instead.
  • Any attachments to your resume should be in PDF.
  • It is better to send an application letter so you can get the recruiter to notice you. There are plenty of sample letters on the internet that you can use as references. You will use the application letter to further present your qualifications to your potential employer. If the job portal you are using does not require that you send an application letter, you can type your message on the site itself.

How to prepare for the job interview

When you tailor-fit your job application, the recruiter will be more interested in knowing more about your qualifications. If you are invited for a job interview, make sure to prepare for it. At this stage, you can discuss your capabilities at length.

Wear something appropriate, such as a long-sleeved shirt. Make sure to be in the vicinity 15 minutes before your appointed time. You can also bring extra copies of your resume and other supporting documents.

Remember to be courteous to everyone in the company. The management could be reviewing your actions towards their employees.

Your success in job hunting does not depend on your skills alone. At times, your character and answers in the interview will also determine your chances of getting the job.

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