Spying on Your Partner’s Phone Can Land You in Jail or a Fine of QR 500,000

Going into your partner’s mobile phone without their consent can send you to jail for a year, or a fine of QR500,000 or, maybe both.

According to Khaled Al-Babatain, a lawyer, he explained the definition of spying under present laws which include accessing information or eavesdropping electronically.

The same punishment applies to someone who tries to access or gain information through photographs for the intent of blackmailing or extortion said Al-Babatain which is applicable to husbands, wives and any member of the same family. Although defamation online is a different kind of offense.

jail time phone spy

Nasr Al-Yamani, a former judge said that it is forbidden in Islam to spy on your spouse. Still, it will be the discretion of a judge to decide, especially if women have evidence of their partner’s affair that might lead to applying for the annulment of their marriage.

News Source: http://www.qatarday.com/news/international/qr500000-fine-prison-for-spying-on-spouses-phone/35145