Top 5 Things To Do In Qatar

When people think of Qatar and entire the Middle East, the first thing that would probably pop up in their heads would either be oil or the desert. But as a traveler, Qatar has so much more to offer than its vast desert landscape and booming oil economy. To find out more, here are the top 5 things to do in Qatar on your visit.

photo credit: Larry Johnson

Visit Souq Waqif

Between the Musherib Street and the Al Rayyan Road, you can spend hours in the day in one place without having to travel far to get what you need. It certainly does not hurt that its aesthetic make you feel as if you’ve traveled back in time. The stone-paved road and the sand-colored infrastructure of this standing market make even shopping for pets or spice an elegant event. Elegant but not dull because with all the buzz of the crowd coupled with the lights and decorations of each shop, it looks very festive and alive. Day or night, it’s a wondrous sight to see. Spend your time whichever way you choose, go shopping, dine out, or even just stroll along.

Visit the Museum of Islamic Art

One of the top tourist attractions in Qatar is the Museum of Islamic Art. Even from afar, you will be greeted by an impressive building designed by I.M. Pei, which houses valuable artistic and historic collections from a variety of civilizations. By the moment you get past the doors, you will see the different reasons why people have nothing but praises for the place. All in all a visual treat in every visit.

Stroll down the Corniche

A relaxing outdoor activity that you need to experience in Qatar is to take a leisurely stroll along the Corniche. It’s a seaside promenade where you can relax and feel the sand, sun, and sea. It is a well-maintained expansive and picturesque area with trees and flowers. It’s more like a really wide garden that’s perfect for a family getaway because there are restaurants, a park and even outdoor art exhibits.

Cool off in Aqua Park Qatar

If you’re keen on swimming, but are looking for a dip in the pool with a twist, Aqua Park Qatar definitely has all the twists and loops you need. The slides you’ll find here vary in design as well as the level of challenge for the park’s patrons. The pools also vary, as far as depth, so it certainly has something for everybody. There’s even a pool that simulates waves so you won’t find yourself missing the beach while you’re in Aqua Park Qatar.

Join Outdoor Activities at the Entalek Eco-Adventures

At Dhow Harbor, there are kayak tours where you can paddle through the harbor and see Doha from a different perspective. Visit during the day, and you’ll have a clear view of Doha, Qatar from the water. At nighttime, you might find yourself being entranced by the lights both from the land and the moon. There are also mangroves and the guide would further educate you about its importance. And you can even help by participating in a beach clean-up after the tour.

One visit and you’ll see that Qatar is not all about sand dunes and deserts. One of the 5 things to do in Qatar is proof enough. Decide to do more and you might find yourself planning your next visit even before leaving.