How to Get Visa On Arrival Visas for Newborn Babies

There are some cases where expat mothers give birth in their homeland. For them, it can be for convenience because they can get support from their extended families, or they can recover easily in more familiar surroundings.

Upon returning to Qatar with their babies, they need to bring the required documents such as original birth certificate and passport, so their babies can get visa. Providing visa to their infant ensures that their stay in Qatar is legal.

credit: MOI Twitter

7 Requirements to Get On Arrival Visas for Newborn Babies Coming to Qatar

Via Twitter, the Ministry of Interior gave the following requirements for parents who will bring their newborn to Qatar:

  1. The father and mother shall have a valid residence permit in Qatar
  2. The wife should be on the sponsorship of husband
  3. The baby should not be more than 6 months old
  4. Original birth certificate and valid passport of the baby
  5. Free of cost

Moreover, this visa is provided for new born babies upon their arrival along with their parents at the entry border. The visa will also be granted even if it just the mother and newborn arriving, provided that all the requirements are met.

Meanwhile, if the baby is born in Qatar, the parents will need to present documents to the Ministry of Interior. The documents are: baby’s original passport and birth certificate, parents’ marriage certificate, ID card and copies of passports.

While the baby is growing up, the family will have plenty of choices for activities. There are play areas in parks and in malls. There are also day cares and nurseries. Hotels also offer indoor and outdoor recreational activities for the family. And in some, also have childcare specialists to look after the children so the parents can enjoy other facilities. There are also playgroups that the mother and child can join for a more personal interaction.