Aspire Zone Sporting Complex in Qatar

Deemed as one of the finest sporting venues in the world, the Aspire Zone offers only the best and cutting-edge facilities for sporting and other international events. Qatar’s premier sporting venue is a one-of-a-kind destination for international sports industry, as it is also a perfect venue for international sports education, which offers programs for sports research and medicine.

The Design

This sporting complex is also known as Doha Sports City. It is covering a land area of about 250-hectares, and located in the fast-developing district of Al Waab. The Aspire Dome can accommodate 15,500 people across thirteen separate multi-sport halls.

aspire dome qatar
Aspire Dome
Photo by pjmorse

Established as an international sports destination in 2003, the birth of the Aspire Zone is due to the high sporting demands ranging from training, pre-competition up to hosting major sporting events in the world. In 2006, the Aspire Zone successfully hosted the 2006 Asian Games and proved, not only in Asia but in the entire world, that Qatar with the establishment of the Aspire Zone is up to compete with other international sporting facilities.

Aspire Academy

One of the three organizations of the Aspire Zone is the Aspire Academy. It is an internationally renowned institution for sports excellence catering comprehensive programs for sports education and revolutionary sporting facilities of international caliber.

The academy’s vision is that by the year 2020, Qatar will be recognized as the leading sports academy in the development of aspiring young athletes. The academy aims to transform promising athletes into world champions in their respective events, and not only preparing them professionally, but gearing towards a holistic transformation.


Aspetar, second organization of the Aspire zone, envisions being the world’s leading center for sports medicine by 2015. As a matter of fact, it is already considered one of the world’s best in the specialized fields, such as orthopedic and sports medicine; the first in the Gulf.

Its mission is to offer first-class medical treatment in the state-of-the-art facilities from diagnosis through rehabilitation to recovery. They are billing Aspetar as the home to some of the world’s best sports medicine practitioners. Aspetar is also proud to be FIFA accredited medical center for excellence that provides sports people with clinical support, knowledge and facilities to maximize one’s potential.

Aspire Logistics

Aspire Logistics, third organization of the Aspire Zone, aims to become an international leader in sports event and facilities management. They organize events and conferences focusing on improvement of sports management. They provide corporate, technical and operation services internationally to the Aspire Zone member organization.  They are the key organization that makes sporting events happen in the Aspire Zone.

Villaggio Mall

They say if you haven’t been to Villaggio, then your Qatar trip is not complete. Who would dare miss the opportunity to stroll around the very sophisticated Italian-themed shopping mall of Villaggio? It may sound cliché, but it is unforgivable.

This unique shopping that is located between the Hyatt Plaza and the Sports City, and has over a 200 stores and restaurants, including many Western and European brands. The most exciting part is that it has a 150-meter long indoor canal with gondolas just like what you can see in places like Venice. Going here is such an amazing treat to unwind and relax.