5 Things to Expect During National Sports Day of Qatar

Qatar’s National Sports Day will be celebrated next Tuesday, February 11, 2020. This annual event is spearheaded by the Qatar Olympic Committee and other sports federations of the country. This event has happened once a year since 2012, and its main objective is to celebrate sports and gathering people to advocate having a healthy lifestyle.

For this year’s National Sports Day, expect a showcase of several sporting events, much like in the previous years. Participants will be entertained, engage in workshops, and play sports activities, among others. This article lists 5 things to expect during this event for sports fans in Qatar.

national sports day

Qatar Showcases the Following Activities for This Year’s National Sports Day

1. A lot of sports activities will be showcased

According to The Peninsula, the diversity in terms of the sports showcased during Qatar’s National Sports Day is immense, and caters to sports fans of all ages. Expect the following sports, among others, to be brandished during the event: athletics, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, boxing, table tennis, karate, taekwondo, and judo.

2. A significant year to celebrate the sporting event

According to Jassim bin Rashid Al Buenain, the Qatar Olympic Committee’s Secretary-General, this year’s National Sports Day is quite significant because it is also an Olympic year. A lot of stakeholders and national sport federations have joined in on helping make the activities and events successful. These events include workshops and new sports for participants to engage in.

3. This event actualizes one aspect of Qatar’s National Vision 2030

It is fascinating that Qatar is one of the first countries in the whole world to give due recognition to the importance of sports by having an actual paid holiday dedicated to the matter. In this day, which is celebrated throughout the country, Qatari locals, expats and visitors can take time to exercise and do sports. The country and its leaders show that they are forward thinking and acknowledge sports as one of the important pillars of the country.

4. Various companies hold lots of activities and sports events

During the National Sports Day, expect to see lots of organizations and companies from both the private and public sector setting up activities to celebrate sports, leisure, and physical exercise. Some that have already advertised their celebration include the Katara Cultural Village, the Aspire Zone, the Museum of Illusions, Qatar Foundation, Qatar National Library, the Mirqab Mall, and more. In fact, the Qatar Foundation plans to hold 80 events for national sports day, including HIIT workouts, an obstacle course for adults, basketball, football, yoga, mind-stimulating activities, and other activities for children.

5. Qatar organizes Fun Race 2020

Are you a fan of fun runs and fun races? Well, Qatar has scheduled its Fun Race 2020 event during the National Sports Day celebration. This fun race will be held at the Al Jassasiya Street, Al Waab Area, from 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. In order to participate though, you must arrive an hour earlier. The best thing about this event is that it’s free, and you get water and other refreshments before the race and free food after the race.

There you have it. Qatar’s National Sports Day is surely one of the highlights this year. Be sure to hydrate, sleep well, eat healthy food, relax, and most importantly, enjoy participating during the activities and festivities.