Food Safety Tips to Avoid COVID-19

Ministry officials have recently prohibited the public from eating in restaurants and cafes all over the country. Those who want to purchase food can only request for take-out or delivery.

This ordinance is part of the precautionary measures to keep the people in Qatar safe from COVID-19. It also took effect in March 18, 2020 and will be observed until the pandemic is over.

food safety tips

How to Keep Food Clean and Safe

Since the public will still depend on restaurants and cafes when they need to eat, the food servers need to be careful in handling food and other ingredients. But even before the circular from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry was released, the Ministry of Public Health has come out with reminders on how to ensure that the food we eat are clean.

Here is the message:

Photo Credit: Ministry of Public Health on Twitter

Dear Person in Charge of the Food Establishment:

We ask from your side to ensure the highest commitment in avoiding an health risk from chemical and microbiological pollutants (virus, bacteria) by doing the following:

  • Educating food handlers of the risks of viruses and bacteria and method to avoid and prevent contracting them.
  • Providing preventative facilities such as hand washing section, W/C, disinfectants and sanitizers etc.
  • Following good hygiene practices such as wearing masks, gloves and adhering to personal hygiene practices
  • Reporting in the event of showing any prior symptoms on food handlers during or before starting the work shift.
  • Conducting the internal audit: critical points in the industry should be reviewed and audited.

It is also important to ensure that facilities and other tools are sanitized. Food servers can disinfect their work areas as recommended by the manufacturers and health officials. they must ensure that their kitchens are clean to prevent further contamination. And when going outside, their delivery bags should also be sanitized.

Overall, the State of Qatar is continuously campaigning for safety measures to avoid the further spread of the coronavirus. This includes temporary closure of cinemas, children’s play areas, gym and wedding venues. The public is also advised to keep away from crowded places and postpone social gatherings.

Everyone is also reminded to wash hands often or use hand sanitizers/alcohols. People should also observe social distancing, maintaining at least one meter distance from one another. People are also reminded to cover their mouths with their sleeves or tissue when coughing or sneezing. It is also important to dispose the used tissue properly.

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