Growth of Qatar Aviation Industry: Good News for Job Seekers

Qatar or land of riches as they call it- there’s no two thoughts when it comes to the economic and cultural prosperity of a country as developing as Qatar. Renowned across the globe for its highest per capita income and famous expat destinations like Doha, the country is making immense developments on various economic fronts. The world might be going berserk over the tourism hub Qatar is transforming into, but the aviation sector has been no smaller in terms of growth. Be it the increase in foreign passenger influx or the number of airline corporations in the country, the Qatari aviation is no mood to halt and stop the accelerating growth at the moment.

Hamad International Airport and the Growth it Brought

The year 2014 proved quite lucrative for the sector, especially after the opening of Hamad International Airport, which provided all ultra-modern facilities at the disposal of passengers. Owing to the same, since its inception, no less than 28 million passengers were expected to be served. Adding to the same, the airport was equipped with 41 contact gates and 22 remote stands, along with two runways (including the longest on the globe).

The key aspects of the airport include a 2100 sq. meter public mosque outside the passenger terminal complex and the air traffic control tower that has become more of a signature piece of architecture Doha is identified with. Having invested a 3 years planning time and nearly USD 15.5 billion in the airport, not only is it supposed to substantiate the revenue generated by the sector, but increase the employment options for the talented as well.

Not to miss, Qatar Airways has been making a substantial amount of growth also. Having covered over 16 years of operations, the airline corporation has a modern fleet of over 128 aircrafts to more than 134 leisure and business destinations throughout the Middle East, Europe, Asia Pacific and North and South America.

Taking a Huge Leap in the Next 10 years, Is It?

The speed with which the current aviation market in Qatar booms, it goes without saying that the decade to follow will go brimful with growth prospects. As astounding as the fact may seem, but the country is all set to grab a market share as high as 17.1% across all of GCC by 2023. However, it seems no bigger than a child’s play for the country which has an annual growth rate of 15% scheduled with the aviation sphere.

As mentioned earlier, Qatar Airways continues to expand while adding routes and networks to its growing fleet. A total of 454 aircrafts, with major players being Qatar Airways, Etihad and Emirates, there’s not much one can debate against, when it comes to the traffic increase from various countries to this exotic country.

Liberalization of Polices to Help too!

When it comes to increasing the revenue, job openings and profit shared enjoyed by an economic sector, compatibility with policies is the first constraint that stands to be tackled, be it any country o the globe. Being a high-flier amongst the Gulf nations, Qatar has gained all the more reasons for a proliferating aviation industry with open sky policies valid all across the country. Not only has this helped in the stimulation of all minor/major markets, but enabled the growth of low cost carriers as well.

Suffice to say that with the ongoing trends, little do the job seekers in aviation industry have to worry about!



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