5 Places in Qatar for Mental Health Services

People with anxiety and depression in Qatar can go to several mental health organizations and institutions to address these problems. These places are geared towards providing a positive impact on patients and educating others about mental health through public campaigns. Aside from taking care of your bodies, taking care of your mind is just as important.

According to recent studies, one out of four people who regularly attend health care centers in Qatar have experienced at least one mental health problem. To address this concern, several institutions now provide counselors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, therapists, and others to help those in need.

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Visit These Places in Qatar for Mental Health Therapy & Consultation

The following are some of the mental health care institutions that you can visit in Qatar:

1. Weyak

Weyak is a nonprofit organization that treats patients with mental health illnesses. This company emphasizes making changes in people’s lifestyles, as well as encouraging them to have a more positive view on life. Weyak also does research, online and on-the-phone counseling. Through their website, they hope to educate the people of Qatar with regards to health issues.

2. The International Medical Center

The International Medical Center has psychology and counseling services, where highly qualified psychologists provide services such as mindfulness therapy, psychotherapy, counseling, coaching, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Their patients are mostly those that are depressed, anxious, panicked, stressed, have adjustment disorders, and more.

3.Dr. Aju’s Clinic

Dr. Aju’s Clinic is owned by Dr. Aju Abraham, a Consultant Psychiatrist originally from the United Kingdom. He has years of experience treating patients with complicated psychiatric disorders. The clinic offers treatments to patients of all ages, and provides lots of different kinds of treatment methods. These include counselling for married couples and families that are dysfunctional.

4. Sidra Medicine

Sidra Medicine has a Department of Psychiatry where clinical care, biomedical research, and education on mental health awareness is world class. They employ world class psychologists, nurses, doctors and staff, all working together to take care of patients of all ages. Aside from providing these services, Sidra Medicine is also actively doing research on autism, ADHD, genetics, and other related matters.

5. Al Ahli Hospital

The Al Ahli Hospital also has a psychiatric department that offers treatments, referrals, and the right resources for mental health illnesses. The hospital has consultants, counselors, and psychotherapists who are experts in their fields. They mostly focus on medication as well as techniques for modifying behavior. If you can’t visit the hospital, they can also provide you with home services.

So there you have it. These are just five of the many health centers where you can acquire treatment or consultation about your mental health. While enjoying Qatar, it is also important to be healthy, physically and mentally.