Msheireb Museums Show Qatar’s history

One of the ways that we can learn more about the culture of Qatar is by visiting museums. It is now interesting to go there because some of the exhibits are interactive. In Doha, you will find the Msheireb Museums, located in Msheireb Downtown Doha, the oldest part of the capital.

The museums are a project by Msheireb Properties and it features four heritage houses with different themes. Altogether, you will learn about Qatar’s history, slavery and the start of the oil industry here.

Msheireb Properties
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Four Houses in Msheireb Museums in Msheireb Downtown Doha

The 4 houses in Msheireb Museums offer a different theme. The first one is the Bin Jelmood House, which is named after its former owner Mohammed “Jelmood.” When you visit the Jelmood House, you will learn about slavery in the early days of Qatar until its modern form. Near the end of the exhibit are ways which the Qatari government has worked on stopping slavery and trafficking.

The Radwani House is formerly owned by Ali Akbar Radwani in the 1930s. In this heritage house, you will learn how a well-off Qatari family has lived through the years. You can also trace the history of the evolution of their houses through the replicas of bedrooms, and a kitchen and majlis – a place in the house to receive visitors. The Radwani House is also home to interesting archeological finds.

You should visit the Company House, if you want to learn how the Qatari workers suffered during the very early days of the oil industry. The Company House is where Qatar’s first oil company was housed. Exhibits are interactive, and these feature comments and statements of important personalities of the early oil industry.

The final heritage house is the Mohammed bin Jassim House, which was built by Sheikh Mohammed bin Jassim Al Thani. In this house, you will find out how the oil wealth had changed the lives in Qatar. There are video screens showing the importance of Kahraba Street – which was the first street to get electricity in Qatar.

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Admission is free.

Address: Mohammed Bin Jassim Street, Doha, Qatar (adjacent to the Aimiri Diwan)
Phone: +974 800 3642