One Health Pass Registration Online for Travellers to Philippines

UPDATE: December 1, 2022 – Be advised that the newest process to register when travelling to the Philippines is the eTravel Card Registration Process. Check it out here – How to Accomplish eTravel Card Registration Philippines.

All passengers from Qatar going to the Philippines will have to accomplish the One Health Pass Registration before arrival. Through this platform, anyone traveling to the country will provide the requirements to be presented to the airport officials. Please be guided on the requirements, procedures, and steps on how to fill out the OHP form we’ve outlined below.

The One Health Pass (OHP) platform is a program under the Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ). Using this platform will help ensure that the arriving passengers provide the relevant information.

You will still need to present other travel documents like your passport and plane ticket. You can also prepare your vaccination card in case the health or immigration officials ask for it.

One Health Pass
Photo Credit: One Health Pass website

What is One Health Pass and How to Use it?

In an effort to manage quarantine restrictions and manage the influx of arrivals in the country, BOQ has set up the One Health Pass platform.

With the easing up of travel restrictions, more and more people begin traveling to the Philippines. OFWs, especially, will want to come home to visit their loved ones when they go on a vacation. More than ever, it is important to have one platform to keep a record of the arrivals and their point of origin.

Who Will Register at One Health Pass?

All passengers coming to the Philippines will have to register to this site.  The One Health Pass applies to both Filipinos and foreigners, including those coming from Qatar. Passengers are classified into OFWs, non-OFWs, and foreigners.


The Bureau of Quarantine, introduced a process to simplify travel protocols and procedures for anyone arriving in the country. When there are protocols in place, the country can protect everyone from illegal entry especially if they are from countries of concern. Website Registration Process

One Health Pass is a platform to help manage international arrivals to the Philippines. To use this facility, one must register before their flight.

Go to  to access the platform. It is important to fill out the fields with a red asterisk to complete the registration.

Video: Tutorial and Additional Reminders to Fill Out the OHP Online Platform

In case you are wondering what is the process of filling out the One Health pass registration site, please check out this tutorial below:


  • For the date of birth, you can manually encode the date, month, and year. Or you can use the drop-down menu for your answer.
  • Ensure that the information you give is correct and accurate so that you will not encounter any difficulties in the future.
  • For home phone or local Philippine number, provide a contact number in the Philippines so that the authorities will have a way to contact you.
  • For the email address, provide a working email address so you can receive confirmation from OHP.
  • Provide a permanent home address in the Philippines to avoid any inconvenience. You can specify in the platform that you will be staying at the same address after your quarantine period.
  • If you will be staying at another address after the quarantine period, you need to provide information about this as well. Give an accurate address because it will be reflected in the quarantine certificate that you will receive later.
  • Remember that non-OFWs will shoulder the cost of COVID-19 RT-PCR test from an accredited laboratory.
  • Once this is settled, the passenger will proceed to get e-CIF registration.

Video: Tutorial for One Health Pass QR Code Registration

Here’s a video guide on how you can get a QR Code from the OHP website:

Once your registration with OHP is successful, you can start your journey to the Philippines.

International Arrival Process for all Arriving Travelers at NAIA Airport

The Bureau of Quarantine lists the process for international arrival, as follows:

arrival process for international travelers
Photo Credit: One Health Pass website

Before your flight:

Step 1. Fill out the OHP registration platform before your flight. Copy the transaction number that you will receive.

Note: if the traveler is a non-OFW or foreigner, they need to pre-book a quarantine hotel for 10 days even before arriving at the Philippines. Refer to for the complete list of hotels.

Step 2. Update the electronic Health Declaration Checklist (eHDC) through the OHP. After this transaction, you will also get a QR code. Save a copy of this QR code.

process at the airport
Photo Credit: One Health Pass website

At the airport

Step 1. Show the OHP QR code to representatives from the Bureau of Quarantine to verify. Choose the most applicable shortened quarantine requirement.

Step 2. Show the OHP QR code for arrival procedures and to get a quarantine hotel. Non-OFWs and foreigners will proceed to the DOT Help Desk; land-based OFWs will go to the OWWA Help Desk, and the seafarers will proceed to the MARINA Help Desk.

Step 3. Go to the Bureau of Immigration to get arrival clearance. Proceed to baggage claim and customs checking.

Step 4. Choose the transport service according to the classification. Non-OFWs and foreigners will go to the airport taxi bay; land-based OFWs will take the OWWA bus; and seafarers will take the LMA.

process at the quarantine facility
Photo Credit: One Health Pass website

At the quarantine facility

Step 1. Present the OHP QR code to confirm your booking at the hotel.

Step 2. Get a swab test. For those who are fully vaccinated and came from green countries, they will get a swab test on the fifth day. For the rest, get the swab test on the seventh day.

Show the OHP QR code to get the RT-PCR testing. OFWs will go to the swabbing room for their test. Take note that non-OFWs and foreigners will pay for their testing from a private laboratory.

Step 3.  While waiting for the swab test result, you can coordinate with the LGU of your destination to know more about the additional requirements. You might have to present bus ticket or letter of coordination, depending on the requirements.

Step 4. To check out at the quarantine facility, you will present the OHP QR code and BOQ Quarantine certificate.

The Department of Foreign Affairs issued an infographic to better understand how the platform works:

DFA OHP infographics1
Photo Credit: DFA Facebook page
DFA OHP Infographics2
Photo Credit: DFA Facebook page


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding One Health Pass:

What is the purpose of One Health Pass (OHP)?

It is a seamless platform to help the traveler have a seamless and convenient way to depart from a foreign country to the Philippines and their respective LGUs

Can I download the OHP app?

No, OHP is not an app. It is a web-based online platform. You can access it using your smartphone or computer or laptop. You need an internet browser to open OHP.

Can I register a few days before I travel?

Yes, you can register a few days before your flight. But you can only accomplish the eHDC one day or on the day of your flight.

I have successfully submitted my eHDC and a message was displayed with my OHP personal QR code. However, I closed it without being able to screen-shot or print the QR code. Do I need to register again to get the QR code?

No. If you submitted a valid email address, you will receive a copy of the OHP personal QR code. You can check your email to see the code. Or you can print the QR code for presentation at the airport.

It’s been a while, but I did not receive an email with my OHP personal QR code even if I successfully registered. What do I do?

You can check your Spam folder. Since this is the first time that you received an email from OHP, it is possible that the message is tagged as spam.

You can also check if the email address you registered is accurate. If you made a mistake in writing your email address and were not able to take a screenshot of the display message, you might have to register again. Make sure that you provide accurate information this time.

I have registered more than once in the OHP, which QR code should I use?

Use the QR code generated before or on the day of your flight. You will present this same code all throughout your transaction with OSS-TGMROF. If you present a different QR code in some steps, you will surely encounter a delay.

How do I know on what day I will be swabbed?

Go to your profile (“My Profile” on the OHP website) to see information, including the date of the swab.

Video: One Health Pass Updates – How to Register, Port of Exist, and Other Questions

As news about the OHP is constantly changing, it is important to know what are the latest updates about the process. Here’s a video featuring the changes and updates of the One Health Pass below.

Here are some important points:

  • Through this platform, you will lessen the paperwork that you need to accomplish upon arrival
  • In mid-October 2021, the passenger is now required to register with 24 hours before their departure. This is now a one-step process instead of the initial two-step process
  • There was some confusion regarding the CITY OF PORT OF EXIT field since some airport staff instructs the passenger to indicate their last layover. But according to One Health Pass personnel, the passenger should indicate the country where they come from, and not the layover.
  • Both the arriving passengers and flight crew need to register
  • Passengers are classified as non-OFWs when they are OFW dependents but not traveling together with the OFW; Filipino tourists, Filipino with dual citizenship, and balikbayan.

Take note that all information posted here are subject to change in the future. To be sure, travelers are advised to consult the relevant government offices before planning their trip.

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Contact Information

One Stop Shop Hotline Numbers 0917-876-8573; 0917-802-224; 0906-592-1157 (mobile); (+63 2) 8823-0669

OWWA NAIA Terminal 1  0927-578-1306 (mobile)
OWWA NAIA Terminal 2 0995-482-5372 (mobile)
OWWA NAIA Terminal 3 0927-578-1308 (mobile)
Coast Guard Public Affairs Office 0927-560-7729

Bureau of Quarantine and e-CIF Concerns: