Qatar National Day 2021 Celebration

The Qatar National Day is celebrated every 18th of December, as a day to remember the unification of all tribes in Qatar. It is also known as the Founding Father’s Day to celebrate the ascension to the throne of Sheik Jassem bin Mohammed bin Thani.

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Everywhere, the Qatar flag is displayed, even on cars and other vehicles.

The parade and fireworks display will take place in Al Corniche Street, while most of the activities and shows will be in Darb Al Saai festive tent. There will be plenty to do during the public holiday. Hotels and other places outside the city will join in the celebratio

Qatari flag

What is Qatar National Day?

Qatar National Day is a celebration of the unification of the country, efforts, and accomplishments of the country’s founder. This day honors the Sheik Jassem bin Mohammed bin Thani who established the rules for modern Qatar, making the country cohesive and an independent country.

By celebrating Qatar National Day, the citizens look back at the history of Qatar and reaffirm its identity. This day is also an appreciation and loyalty to the state.

When is the Qatar National Day?

This annual celebration is held on the 18th of December. It commemorates the unification of all Qatar tribes on the same day in 1878. Through the efforts of Sheikh Jassim, the tribes are united and paved the way for the independence of the country. The Sheikh then established rules for modern Qatar.

Is Qatar National Day A Holiday?

It is a national holiday, as decreed by the then Crown Prince and Heir Apparent His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani. The decree was given out on the 21st of June 2007. Government offices, schools, and other institutions will be closed on that day in observance of the holiday.

What Are the Activities During Qatar National Day?

The national committee has prepared several activities to celebrate Qatar National Day in 2021. All these activities aim to appreciate Qatari customs and traditions. The programs were organized by the government, the educational sector, and other private organizations.

There will be a parade at the Corniche on the morning of 18th December. It will be participated by the general public and government officials. The audience will also be treated with aerial and sea shows from the air force and navy. The afternoon part of the program will feature a light show, while the fireworks display will be in the evening.

Those who want to join in any of the activities can choose from various locations, such as Al Wakrah Old Souq, Qatar Foundation, and Aspire Park. Universities will also host some of these events. Both children and adults can join in the activities.

Important Symbol: National Flag

Qatari flag

The national flag of Qatar is on display during this key occasion. The flag is called “Ladaam” or “ Al Ladaam,” and has a maroon color with a nine-pointed edge in white color. The flag’s name can be translated as “to the Qataris, since the ancient times.”

The color of the flag is taken from the banner of Sheikh Jassem bin Mohammed bin Thani. The nine-pointed edge symbolizes that the country is the ninth member in the “reconciled Emirates” group.

The national flag was first raised in 1971 when the country became a sovereign state.

Video: National Day Parade

The Qatar National Day is held to commemorate the country unification in 1878. It is also called Founder’s Day, and is held annually.

The Corniche is the center of activities for the National Day celebration. The morning event features the military parade. Here is a previous video:

Video: Qatar National Day Airshow

The national parade also features the airshow, which is visible in most parts of Doha. Even if Corniche will be closed off to the public, the audience will still enjoy the show.

Video: Qatar National Day Fireworks Show

The celebration does not stop at night. The public can look forward to the fireworks show in Corniche, the show starts at 8:00 PM.

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Photo credit: VisitQatar FB

Darb Al Saai Festive Tent

Note: Darb Al Saai Tent is canceled this year as per a decision by the Qatar National Day Organizing Committee. As an option, there are a number of activities and events that will take place throughout the country to celebrate Qatar National Day 2021.

Darb Al Saai festive tent is the center of the action. As early as December 9, shows and other activities have been held there. Participants coming from both government and non-government organizations have booths that are sure to entertain and educate the whole family.

Here are some of the things to do at Darb Al Saai:

  • Eat authentic Qatar cuisine
  • Shop for clothes or souvenirs at the Souq Waqif area
  • Let the little ones enjoy the small zipline at the play area or ride a horse and camel
  • Look at the animals such as Sand Gazelles, partridges and falcons
  • Participate in activities and games related to military services
  • Ride the small train that tours around the whole area
  • Enjoy interactive activities at some of the government ministry tents