5 Best Places to Enjoy Qatar Night Life

If you’re tired of a day’s worth of work, one way to unwind is to go to bars and night clubs to unwind. Qatar provides loads of options for this kind of nocturnal entertainment, and this article lists some of the best that you surely don’t want to miss. Perhaps, you can add these places to your list of weekend getaways in Qatar.

One key difference between Qatar nightlife and Western nightlife is that Qatar is a bit more conservative, with several restrictions in place. Qatar is known for being a religious country, and depending on how you look at it, there are certain advantages to keeping night life closer to decency than the more liberal nights in the West.

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Where to Party in Qatar at Night

These are some of the more popular night life spots in Qatar. Check them out!

1. Jazz at Lincoln Center

Are you a fan of jazz music, or of music in general? This bar showcases some of the best jazz musicians in the world, so the experience will surely entice not just your palate but also your ears. In fact, great jazz names such as Wynton Marsalis and Jon Batiste have played in this bar.

2. Crystal

Crystal is worth noting since it is the only night club in Qatar that is open every day. This night club is located at W Hotel. Each night, Crystal showcases a theme for various local and international artists to perform. For example, Wednesdays showcase Ladies’ Night; a night that disallows men from entering the club.

3. Strata Lounge

Strata Lounge is located at the tall InterContinental City Hotel, particularly on the 56th floor. From this height, you can see and admire all the skyscrapers of the West Bay, which makes for a great ambience while you’re in the club. Strata Lounge offers amazing mixed drinks that always gets positive reviews. For example, one drink is called The Alchemist, which is basically smoking whisky.

4. Empty Cup

Empty Cup is a small business in Qatar which is currently trending, so to say. It offers coffee that tastes like no other in Qatar; the coffee is pretty classy and unique tasting. It is quite expensive, but not as expensive as those found in top class hotels.

5. Barefoot Thursday

Barefoot Thursday is located at a beach within the city of Doha; an outdoor event complete with amazing beverages, barbecue, entertainment and more. What’s great about this beach bar is that it’s free, but you do need to go there as early as possible because it’s such a popular event.

Feeling excited about these night life options in Qatar? It may sometimes be strict with its regulations, like other Arab nations, but one thing we learned here is that Qatar sure knows how to have fun and have needed moments of relaxation.