Qatar’s demand for pest control increases

Officials from pest control companies have reported an increase of demand for pest control services since the past few weeks, these disgusting creatures like termites and roaches are very annoying in Qatar.

These pests are increasing in numbers when the climate weather is hotter, although in the cold season, we could still see these pests crawling in buildings across the city.

A lot of calls from residents and even business establishments from different areas contact the pest control firm asking for their service to control or terminate these nuisance. A supervisor said at the Gulf Times.

pest control

Photo (for Editorial purposes only) – credit – medilldc

He added that customers who have called many times are still calling again and they are also getting calls from new customers at a different area. He explained that even new buildings are not free of pests, it all depends on how one maintains the cleanliness of the area.

He advised to use pesticides that are the most environmentally desirable and professionally approved.

On another view, a manager of a different pest control firm said that some companies offer lower rates and fail to do the job in removing these bedbugs, cockroaches, rats and termites.

He added that most customers that are residing in residential and business establishments prefer well-trained staff who are experienced in providing the best quality and reliable services. He pointed out proper caution in using these unsafe insect killers because it will lead to possible health consequences.

It is also advisable to look for professional help in handling the task of getting rid of these pests than buying insect killers or pesticides as it may affect your health.

It is determined that supermarkets have some products selling odorless and supposedly safe but not able to accomplish the termination of these pests.

He noted to make sure that we are fully aware because these pests bring germs that may harm and cause different kinds of illness. It is so annoying that they crawl or stick to kitchen utensils, plates, glasses and food containers, which we might forget to wash.