7 Reasons Why Getting Enough Sleep is Important

Before you go binge-watching again, take a moment to consider how your lack of sleep will affect your body. Do you feel strong and alert? What happens to your health if you always lack sleep?

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For adults, 7 hours or more is the recommended length of sleep. Children are also expected to sleep for 9 hours or more.

Improve your immune system

Sleep More, It’s Good for You

Nowadays, we are getting lesser sleeping time. Some of us have work to do, books to read, shows to watch, or parties to go to. So here are 7 reasons why you should aim to get the required number of sleep:

  1. You can concentrate better.

Studies show that your brain will function well if you have enough sleep. You have improved problem-solving skills and have enhanced memory performance. On the other hand, being sleep deprived has the same effect as alcohol intoxication. You also tend to make mistakes in your work.

  1. You can lose weight.

If you have enough sleep, your hormones will function well. You will also be motivated to get some exercise. Most importantly, you won’t have the tendency to overeat. Less sleep may lead to weight gain or obesity. And this applies to both children and adults.

  1. You can maximize your athletic performance.

Athletes who get enough sleep tend to perform better. So this is a discipline that we could emulate. By getting the required amount of sleep, we develop our speed, as well as strength to perform physical activities.

  1. You can improve your immune system.

According to studies, those who sleep for 7 hours or more develop their immune system to fight the common cold virus. So during the cold season, you should strive to get enough sleep to keep from catching the virus.

  1. You can avoid getting stroke and heart disease.

Although there are many other factors for acquiring heart disease and stroke, one of the contributing factors is one’s lifestyle. According to studies, those who sleep less are at greater risk to develop such diseases.

  1. You can avoid depression.

It has been shown that people with mental health issues have poor sleeping habits. Also, those who have insomnia eventually develop depression due to lack of sleep. Getting help for sleep disorders might be a good idea.

  1. You can improve your emotional and social interaction skills.

Those who sleep longer are able to identify social cues from other people. Thus, they can respond appropriately when interacting with others.

So by now, getting the required amount of sleep should be part of our goal. How do we ensure that we get enough sleep? First, we minimize any distractions in the bedroom. Turn off the TV and let go of your electronic devices. Yes, it’s easier said than done. But think of the health benefits in the long run.

You can also cut back on coffee at night time because it can keep you awake. Instead, take a glass of milk because it can help you sleep.

Some people also listen to white noise. And when all else fails, counting sheep might do the trick.

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