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robotics qatar

We all know Qatar as the richest country in the world right now, per capita GDP. That’s all thanks to the fact that it is rich in natural oil and gas resources. But did you know that Qatar is also poised to become one of the world’s leaders in robotics? Qatar needs to look for [...]

bank qatar

Qatar is the richest country in the world per capita GDP. As a result, the inhabitants of this rich country need to rely on a banking infrastructure that can effectively protect their money. Qatar has done this seemingly gigantic task, and more, making banking easy for Qataris. Qatar’s currency is called the riyal, abbreviated as [...]

islamic legal system

The Islamic System of Law is also known as the Sharia Law. The primary source of its main principles come from the Holy Koran. In Qatar, the Sharia Law is its chief source of legislation. The Islamic System of Law implemented in Qatar applies to various aspects, including family, inheritance, and numerous criminal acts. Let’s [...]

future of qatar

Many predictions about the future tend to fail, but this should not stop us from trying. Nations, corporations, and investors typically try to forecast by hiring consultants. These consultants try to gather as much data from around the world to learn more about trends in development. This will hopefully give them a better chance of [...]

List of Catholic Churches in Qatar

Even though the Kingdom of Qatar is an Islamic country, the people here are able to practice their own faiths, beliefs and religions, including Hindus, Catholics, and other Christians. ALSO READ: Guide to Qatar – Basic Information At present, there are around 200,000 Catholics in the Kingdom. Many of them are expatriates from India, Lebanon, United [...]

famous artists doha

Qatar is a beautiful country filled with natural resources and modern wonders. It follows, then, that there are many artists willing to express their admiration for the country through their works of art. Among the many contemporary artists in Doha, Qatar, the following are some of the most popular. They are renowned for their remarkable [...]

world cup

Qatar won its bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup back in 2010. Back then and until now, there are some critics pointing to several factors why Qatar isn’t a great host. For one, they say the country is too small, or that the climate is not ideal. But of course, the citizens of Qatar [...]


Filipinos are the fifth highest in terms of population among expatriates living in Qatar. This is equivalent to around 250,000 people! This means that Filipinos have provided a significant portion of the workforce that drives Qatar on a daily basis. Filipinos have contributed much to the success that Qatar is enjoying today. Some of the [...]

Being one of the richest countries in the world, Qatar is one of the places where most people look for job opportunities. Before applying for a job in Qatar, you must first know the rules, the law, and other matters related to work in Qatar. One of these is with regard to working hours. Here [...]