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recreational activities qatar

Qatar is a small nation, but it is such an exciting country, filled with loads of activities, sights and tourist attractions. The capital city, Doha, is not the only place you can go to for relaxation and enjoyment. The adventurous type can go to the more barren portions of the country! In this article, we [...]

tallest buildings qatar

Qatar is one of the richest cities in the world. As expected, and as is typical among rich cities, it has a lot of skyscrapers — tall buildings that dominate the skyline and give the impression of power and luxury. Most of these skyscrapers are located in the West Bay zone in Doha. Doha is [...]

water sports

Sora Marine Training is located in The Diplomatic Club in West Bay, Doha. It has lots of activities, including wakeboarding and those involving powerboats. As an internationally recognized water sports and training club, it has many accreditation, including those from UK’s Royal Yachting Association and PADI. Sora Marine Training offers first-rate facilities with expert instructors [...]

weekend activities in doha

Weekends in Doha are full of fun activities and getaways. Whether you’re the adventurous type or one who likes to visit tourist destinations or cultural spots, Doha can overwhelm you with a huge number of superb choices. Indeed, hanging out with your family or friends in Doha during the weekend is a good idea. Check [...]

admire doha's culture

One of the best things about visiting a new place is learning about its culture. It is an adventure for the mind, allowing visitors to truly grasp the essence of a nation. In Qatar, there are many places you can visit to admire the nation’s vibrant culture. Indeed, Qatar’s history is as colorful as the [...]

Doha Festival City is a 600,000-square meter mall; in fact, is is the largest in Qatar as of this year. It is found in Umm Salal Mohammed, the capital of Doha. There are more than 200 international brands in Doha Festival City, including IKEA. In addition, it contains the largest Monoprix Hypermarket in the world. [...]

Some people say Qatar has too many shopping malls. Each year, more and more shopping malls continue to be built around the country, and for good reason. The thing is, why should these big businesses stop when malls are garnering so much success in Qatar? In fact, these malls are always filled with people especially [...]

Despite Qatar’s relatively small size, there are plenty of reasons why you should visit this country. There is so much to do, so many beautiful places to visit, that it can actually be overwhelming in a wonderful way! That’s why it’s important for you to plan your trip ahead when you intend to visit this [...]

One of the largest educational and entertaining brands for children will open soon in Qatar. On the second half of 2018, KidZania is slated to welcome children 4-14 years old. It will be located in Aspire Zone. KidZania is a place where kids rule. There are many interactive activities for the children to do. They [...]

Having kids means taking the time to go outside and exploring the outdoors. Fortunately, in Qatar, there are so many family activities to choose from! With all the energy that kids have, they tend to get easily bored when they have nothing to do. Here are some of the activities that families can do with [...]