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bank investment

Are you visiting Qatar for the first time? It’s really important to know the most important banking tips as a first-time expat. There are certain rules related to banking, which may not be similar to what you’re used to back home, so these tips are surely essential. This article will guide you into choosing the [...]


The Qatar National Library, the country’s largest library, is an amazing piece of architecture designed by Rem Koolhas. Koolhas is a famous architect that is known the world over, and he based his design of the library to resemble that of a folded paper. Indeed, the Qatar National Library is a great addition to the [...]

qatar karate empower sports center

While weekend activities are great, it’s equally awesome for kids to have some worthwhile activities to do during the weekends — specifically after class — especially if you are an expat mother in Qatar. That’s because the country has lots to offer in terms of giving your kids that necessary bonding time with friends. Plus, [...]

Do you like to eat sweets? Well, Qatar has numerous dessert spots for those who have a “sweet tooth”! Your sugary heart is sure to be overwhelmed by the number of great choices when it comes to desserts. Qatar offers many food spots that are popular for their amazingly good tasting knafeh, crepes, gelato, chocolate [...]

best coffee spots in doha

Do you like coffee? Did you know that Doha has lots of high quality coffee shops? Your choice of coffee spots in Doha depend on whether you like the cozy ones, the luxurious ones, those that offer great coffee, those with amazing food, those that are unique, and more! Plus, while you’re enjoying Qatar’s amazing [...]

women in workplace 3

As a woman who will be working in Qatar for the first time, some of the questions you would want to be answered could be:  Will I be safe there? Will I be protected there? Will I not be discriminated there? Worry not! Qatar has created a legal framework protecting women’s right in the workforce. [...]

Arabic dishes in Qatar

Are you new in Qatar? Been wondering what to do or where to go or what to eat now that you are in one of the richest countries in the world? Qatar surely has lots of tourist destinations, prestigious malls and even fancy Filipino restaurants, but why don’t you first try their local delicacies? Today we [...]

The academic year has started in Qatar, and as a result, the public should expect an increase in traffic as children make their way to school. As such, the Hamad Injury Prevention Program (HIPP) of the Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Hamad Trauma Center reminds everyone to stay safe while driving. This is according to an article [...]

Qatar has lots of amazing things to offer: tourists destinations, shopping malls, amazing exhibits, delectable dishes, and many more. However, spending too much especially when you are working overseas is a big NO! Do not forget that the main reason why you are working abroad is to earn and save money. With a tight budget, you [...]

If you’re looking for a place to relax in Qatar, there are many places to choose from. The coastline of Qatar itself is loaded with clean beaches, some of which aren’t totally explored yet. We also have the Katara Beach, a public resort that has high-end facilities and amenities for a cool experience. Best Things [...]