Qatar Confirms 2 New COVID-19 Cases, Temporary Ban on Travelers from Egypt

The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) has announced two new cases of novel coronavirus or COVID-19 in Qatar, raising the total number of confirmed cases to three.

The two cases, both Qatari nationals, had been evacuated last Thursday (27th February 2020) from Iran through a government-chartered plane. They were immediately placed under full quarantine and put through further testing before getting confirmed as COVID-19 positive.

MOPH Confirms 2 New COVID-19 Cases, Raising Total Number to 3

According to MOPH, the two new patients have been transferred to the Communicable Disease Centre (CDC) for treatment, Qatar News Agency reported. They are currently in stable condition.

The Ministry also stressed that the patients have not had any engagement with the general public. Hence, the risk of infection to the public remains low.

As for other quarantined individuals, the MOPH continues to monitor them. Even before the virus entered the country, the Ministry has already established quarantine measures for travelers returning from infected areas, and has actively prepared for the possible spread of COVID-19.

First COVID-19 Patient Came from Iran

As of 29th February 2020, MOPH confirmed the first case of COVID-19 in the country. The patient, a 36-year-old Qatari male, had returned from Iran — from where he was evacuated on a government-chartered plane along with other passengers, and placed under full quarantine.

The patient was admitted to the CDC and placed under isolation and strict infection control measures. He is currently under stable condition, according to the Ministry.

In addition, MOPH began implementing proper quarantine measures, which includes the testing of people who were closely related to the patient.

Qatar Confirms 2 New COVID-19 Cases, Temporary Ban on Travelers from Egypt
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Qatar Imposes Temporary Ban on Travelers from Egypt

To help prevent further spread of COVID-19 in the country, Qatar has imposed a temporary ban on travelers coming from Egypt, Qatar News Agency reported.

“As a public health measure, the State of Qatar has imposed a temporary entrance restriction to its territories on all those who are coming from Egypt through intermediate points,” a Government Communications Office statement announced on Sunday, 1st March 2020.

“The measure is temporary due to the spread of COVID-19,” according to the statement.

As of this writing, there are 88,927 confirmed cases and 3,043 deaths due to COVID-19 worldwide, Channel News Asia reported. Majority of these are in mainland China, with 80,026 confirmed cases and 2,912 deaths.

However, the numbers have been rising in several countries (and places), as including:

  • South Korea: 4,212 cases / 22 deaths
  • Italy: 1,694 cases / 34 deaths
  • Iran: 978 cases / 54 deaths
  • Diamond Princess (cruise ship): 706 cases / 6 deaths
  • Japan: 242 cases / 5 deaths
  • Germany: 117 cases
  • Singapore: 106 cases
  • France: 100 cases / 2 deaths
  • Hong Kong: 95 cases / 2 deaths
  • United States: 77 cases / 2 deaths

Confirmed COVID-19 cases have also been reported in Spain, Kuwait, Thailand, Bahrain, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Iraq, Vietnam, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Lebanon, Macau, Croatia, Greece, Israel, Netherlands, Ecuador, Oman, Russia, Mexico, Pakistan, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Georgia, India, Philippines, Romania, Brazil, Egypt, Afghanistan, Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, Cambodia, Estonia, Iceland, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, North Macedonia, San Marino, and Sri Lanka.

In the Philippines, there have been three confirmed cases and one death due to COVID-19. To know more about the virus, please visit this website that the MOPH created to provide residents of Qatar with a reliable source of information regarding the virus. We also encourage our readers to read our recent post about how to protect yourself from the novel coronavirus.