Filipino Engineers Conferred in Qatar

A total of 26 Filipino engineers were recognized in a conferment ceremony that was held in Qatar. The event was organized by the Qatar Chapter of the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE).

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The conferment elevates the status of the engineers not only in Qatar but also in other countries. At present, Qatar provides plenty of employment opportunities for engineers.

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Conferment of Filipino Engineers

As reported by ABS-CBN News, 26 Filipino engineers were conferred on the ASEAN Engineering Register in a special ceremony in Doha. With this distinction, the engineers can advance in their profession in Qatar and other countries.

ABS-CBN quotes Engr. Mario Oligo, AER, in saying that the conferment is the result of the group’s application to become advanced-level engineers.

Officials who led in the conferment ceremony were from the Philippine Technological Council and POLO-OWWA Qatar. Of the 26 awardees, 24 were from PICE, while the remaining two were from ICEP Qatar. The Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (Qatar Chapter) were the organizers of the conferment ceremony.

In the same report from ABS-CBN, the Deputy Presidential Adviser, Engr. Roy Baquiran, AER-PTC MENA, shared his observation that Filipino engineers were not initially part of any international agencies. He also noticed that engineers from European countries were treated differently.

Baquiran also laid out plans for introducing another international professional engineer to add to the engineering registers that Filipinos can apply to. With this new registry, there will now be four engineering registries that can be on par with international registries.

ASEAN Engineering Register

According to the website of the ASEAN Engineering Register, those who are members of the ASEAN Engineers become part of their database.The registry can verify the identity of the members, thus giving them more job prospects in other ASEAN countries. At the same time, the members can have access to other engineers in their network. It will be easier to find another professional for future collaborations.

PICE Qatar Chapter

This international chapter for Philippine Civil Engineers in Qatar was established in May 2007. The organization is guided by its objectives, such as creating fellowship with other civil engineers, improving the profession through education and training, and promoting ethical standards, among others. They have provided free webinars as part of the Continuing Professional Development Program of their members.

The organization also helps the members prepare for Philippine licensure tests or for the renewal of licenses. They have also helped other members find work when their contracts have ended. Most importantly, the organization has spearheaded programs to assist victims of natural disasters in the Philippines.

Qatar Job Opportunities

Filipino engineers remain in demand in Qatar. They are known for their professionalism and their capability to get the job done. Those with skills and experience related to the position also have higher chances of getting hired easily. Because Qatar is continuously developing its oil and gas industry, there will always be a need for engineers. Aside from that, there are ongoing construction projects that will require the services of engineers.

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