What is Password Fatigue? What Can You Do About It?

If you are maintaining plenty of accounts, you could be storing numerous passwords as well. The trouble begins when you have to remember all these passwords.

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You will begin to feel tired of remembering the passwords every time you need to log in to your account. You can work your way around this concern, and continue to keep your account secure.

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Too Many Accounts to Handle

Are you starting to feel tired from having to maintain a lot of passwords? On any given day, you could be logging on to a dozen accounts to do your tasks. And it can get tiring to remember all your passwords. This feeling is called password fatigue.

Experiencing fatigue is understandable, especially if you have to produce unique passwords for each of your accounts. There is also the additional requirement of capital letters, numbers, special characters, and symbols in your password. You can also feel fatigued if you are an administrator of an account and you have to come up with a non-default username for users.

So what can you do to manage this fatigue? The blog hosbeg.com recommends the following steps:

  • Use shortcuts in maintaining your password

You don’t have to complicate the steps in creating a password for your particular account. For one, the password should be related to the system to log on. In this way, you as the user can easily remember the password you created.

But if you created a complicated password, you could write it down on a physical notepad or apps. You don’t need to remember the password since you only need to look up your note.

Of course, you need to safeguard your passwords to avoid a data breach. You don’t want your physical notes to end up in the wrong hands. On the other hand, your request for password change could also lead to phishing if not properly managed.

  • Use a password manager

When you maintain many passwords, it would make sense to use a password manager. It is a repository of all your passwords. Every time you need to log in to your account, the manager will prompt you with your details. You can make the procedure more complex if you don’t want to go through the trouble of remembering all your passwords.

You can also use your phone as another step for authentication. Companies that use enterprise password management will benefit from using their phones to authenticate logging in to their accounts.

  • Password Fatigue Is A Serious Concern

Experiencing fatigue in managing your passwords is a serious concern. Yet, you should keep your accounts safe especially if you are active in the digital world. If you think that you are getting overwhelmed, get a password manager.

What is A Two-Step Verification?

While passwords protect your accounts, experts also recommended adding a two-step verification (or 2FA) every time you log in. Keeping your account secure will ensure that your data will not fall into the wrong hands.

According to authy.com, victims of hacking or identity theft will experience loss and devastation. Their savings can be wiped out with just one click if they are not careful. Fortunately, 2FA requires another layer of protection for the user. Should the hacker steal the password or the mobile phone gets lost, using 2FA will ensure that the account will not be compromised.

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