5 Best Places to Workout in Qatar

Are you a workout buff, or someone who simply understands the value of working out? Well, if you’re in Qatar, you won’t have to worry about finding the right gm to enroll in to get those muscles working. There are a ton of high quality options, and finding the right one for you is the real challenge.

In this article, we will look at some of the best places to workout in Qatar. These workout places are chosen for several reasons, including the quality of the trainers, the equipment, the entertainment value and more.

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Working out in Qatar: Where to Find the Best Gyms

1. Crossfit Oryx

This new gym is for CrossFit enthusiasts. Aside from CrossFit, though, they also have fitness programs for Olympic lifting and special daily workout sessions. CrossFit is known to improve not just the physical aspect of your health but also encourages socializing with other gym members.

2. Bodylines

Bodylines is located in Oryx Rotana. It has a gym complete with strength and cardio machines, with personal trainers to personalize your training needs. The center even has its own swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi. If you want to have a personal trainer, the service lasts for 8 days and is worth QR 850.

3. Fitness First

Fitness First is originally from the United Kingdom and has several branches around the world. They offer high-end equipment and personalized training classes. The Qatar branch is located in City Centre Mall. Some of the classes include Body Jam, RPM and Body Pump.

4. Jaula Spa and Gym

The Jaula Spa and Gym is another fitness center which is located inside a hotel; specifically, the Grand Hyatt Hotel Doha at West Bay Lagoon. It features machines as well, a plunge pool, infrared and inhalation rooms a sauna and an indoor pool. If you’re a female, the Jaula Spa and Gym also offers a gym exclusively for females.

5. StrongBox

The StrongBox fitness center is exclusively handing out classes which include CrossFit and boot camps. If you have kids, they have special classes for them too. One great thing about enrolling in StrongBox is that you get free access to Bootcamp Qatar. StrongBox Qatar is known as the brick and mortar fitness facility for Fitness Qatar.

It is important to not just have lots of money working in Qatar, but also have a healthy lifestyle. Visiting one of these featured fitness centers in Qatar will surely help you achieve a happier life.