Qatar Labour Rules on Employment Contracts

Those who have a job offer in Qatar should get an employment contract to make their appointment valid and official. The employment contract will contain the duration of the work, responsibilities, and benefits of the employee.

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The government of Qatar needs to attest the employment contract for it to become valid. The employee should first read and understand the contract before signing

Negotiate with your employer

Employment Contract: What You Need To Know

All employees in Qatar need to have an employment contract to be able to work legally in the country. Whether this is your first employment or not, take some time to study the contents of your contract.

Here are the details that you need to know about the employment contract:

  • It should be written
  • It should be in triplicate, with the copies given to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the employer, and the employee
  • Should contain the basic information about the employee such as the name, address, nationality, job title, and passport number
  • Should also contain information about the employer
  • Should list the job expectations and salary of the employee. This document should also specify in which currency will the salary be given. Some employers give Qatari riyal, while some give US dollars at a specified exchange rate. It is possible to some employers will give the salary in another currency
  • The payment method should also be specified
  • Other benefits like housing, schooling of dependents, flights to home country, shipping, medical insurance, and other possible inclusions should be identified and clearly stated
  • The duration and start of contract should also be specified

Qatari laws require that each employee be given a paid leave per year plus sick leave. The employee should also be given return flights at the end of each contract, including a gratuity equivalent to every year of work.

Additional benefits, like free tuition for the dependents, should be discussed before the employee signs the contract. All benefits also vary depending on the job description. In the end, the employer will decide what kind of benefit will be given.

Some employers require a six-month probationary period. If the employer likes the performance, the employment will continue. Otherwise, the employee should be informed three days before the end of the assessment period. The employer will still shoulder the expenses of sending the employee home. The exit visa will also come from the employer. However, the annual paid leave will only apply once the employee completes the probation period.

In some cases, the employee does not wish to complete the contract due to various reasons. In this scenario, the employer will not provide the annual leave payment or any end-of-service payment. What’s more, the employer may refuse to should the cost of airfare or shipping.

Of course, there are some employers who will still send the employee home. But remember that breaking Qatari laws could mean being fired from the job. Consequently, any employment benefits will be forfeited.

So before you sign any contract, be sure that you are both physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to fulfill your responsibility.

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