Things to Do in Qatar’s Largest Library

The Qatar National Library, the country’s largest library, is an amazing piece of architecture designed by Rem Koolhas. Koolhas is a famous architect that is known the world over, and he based his design of the library to resemble that of a folded paper.

Indeed, the Qatar National Library is a great addition to the extensive landscape of this part of Qatar called Education City. If you’re tired of going to Qatar’s huge malls, swimming at beaches, or eating lots of great food, then visiting this library for its peace and quiet could be just what you need!

qatar national library
Image Credit: Qatar National Library Facebook Page

Qatar National Library: More than Just a Book Haven

Workshop / Events Place

At the Qatar National Library, you can participate in several of its workshops. Some of the sessions in these workshops include those related to starting a business, creative writing, building robots, and so much more. The library also has study rooms you can book so that you and your fellow students can study.

Heritage Library

The Heritage Library is the heart of the Qatar National Library. Its huge collection of books and other reading materials include items that aren’t typically found in your normal library. For example, the Heritage Library has books that are more than 500 years old. These books were printed at a time when the printing press was just starting out in Europe. You can definitely say that these collections are among the most expensive and most precious in the country!

Read and Study Comfortably

Image Credit: Qatar National Library Facebook Page

There are many reasons to go to the library. One can study there, read books, and even just take some time off your hectic schedule. At the Qatar National Library, you can do all three things at the most convenient and efficient way possible. There are many areas where you can study, such as open tables, sofas, benches, seating cubes, and more.


Qatar National Library is also making a conscious effort to preserve important artifacts through digitization. In particular, the library digitizes materials of Islamic and Arab heritage to preserve the culture for future generations.

Other Features

The Qatar National Library offers infotainment screens, recording studios, a heritage library, and so much more!

Now that you know how awesome the Qatar National Library is, here’s how you can become a member. First of all, membership is open to any Qatari Citizen or holder of Residency Permit. This link will show you the complete steps, including filling up the online registration form. You can also check out this link.