Ramadan in Qatar: Schedule and Guidelines

Ramadan is observed in every Muslim country. It is a month long religious event. As expats, we should be aware how our host country celebrates this event. This year, according to the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is expected to start on May 26. Please be advised that this is still tentative as the actual date will be set depending on the moon sighting.

The exact date will be finalized soon and we will keep you posted on this. While we’re waiting for the final date, let us prepare ourselves with the temporary changes in our activities brought about by Ramadan.

ramadan schedule in qatar

How to Behave During Ramadan Season

The Muslims start their fasting at dawn. They spend more time praying and doing good deeds. But they are still expected to continue their business or other daily work.

Here are some guidelines for non-Muslims during the month of Ramadan:

  • Don’t eat and drink in public. If you do eat in an enclosed room, ensure that the aroma of the food will not leave the room
  • Don’t drink alcohol in public
  • Don’t play loud music in your apartment or in your car
  • Don’t display affection in public
  • Do go to work, because working hours will be shortened
  • Do wear modest clothing for women
  • Do stay indoors when the sun is about to set, to avoid traffic

Let us take these rules seriously. There have been reports of non-Muslims being punished for eating in public during Ramadan. Aside from avoiding punishment, we are expected to abide by these rules because these are the customs of the place we live in. Let us show respect to our Muslim brothers and sisters and their religious practice.