Schools to Implement Blended Learning on First Semester

As children prepare for the coming school year in September, the education ministry amended their previous announcement regarding the school’s set-up. The blended learning model will be implemented during the first semester, which will run from September to November.

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This decision to use the blended learning method will be implemented in all schools across the country, including private and public schools. There are around 338 schools in Qatar, excluding colleges and universities.

What to Expect when School Reopens

The education ministry announced that the blended learning model will be observed during the first semester for all schools in the country. The learning institutions will have blended and in-school teaching. This applies to public and private schools, as well as national and international schools.

The plan for schools is as follows:

  • Students will be required to go to school one to three times a week. A maximum of 30% daily school attendance is allowed
  • Only 15 students per classroom are allowed. The desks will be re-arranged to allow adequate distancing among the students
  • The first three days of school (September 1-3) will be devoted to school orientation to promote the safety measures to be implemented. Students under pre-school and secondary level will be required to wear face masks in school
  • Usual school activities such as morning assemblies, group activities, and camping will be suspended. These will be replaced with virtual activities, if possible
  • For special schools where the whole student population is equivalent to 30% capacity, all students will physically attend school every day
  • If the students or any of their parents suffer from chronic disease, the student will be exempted from attending school physically. They will have to present a medical certificate to be exempted. But the student must attend school on exam day
  • University students will have in-school teaching and blended learning methods. 30% of the student capacity will attend school every day from September to November. While on campus, students will adhere to the safety measures against the virus

Here is the post regarding the blended learning method in schools:

The Qatar Ministry of Education and the Supreme Education Council govern all schools in Qatar. There are international schools for expatriates, as well as national schools. Annual school fees vary from one school to another.

There is still enough time to prepare for the school opening. The safety precautions are in place. Teachers, students, and their parents need to cooperate to ensure that everyone in school will be safe from the virus.

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