How to Choose a School for Your Kids During this Health Crisis

School is taking a major hit because of the global health crisis. Now more than ever, it’s more challenging for parents to find a school to enroll their kids in. You can’t really visit schools and meet with the administrators right now due to social distancing and quarantine measures.

How are schools coping? Right now, the solution that many schools have taken is learning virtually or through online classrooms. This article highlights several schools around Qatar who are offering remote learning solutions so that students can still continue to learn and make their home isolation days productive.

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Best Qatar Schools Offering Online Learning

Arab International Academy

Like most schools in Qatar, the Arab International Academy is following the guidelines of MoEHE or Ministry of Education and Higher Education, which prompts schools to arrange an academic program through remote learning for its students.

The Arab International Academy is still currently accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year. You can email or you can contact them through the phone number 55802426.

You can learn more about how to apply in this link. It also provides a virtual tour for those who want to see the campus.

Doha College

Doha College is one of the best international schools in Qatar. This year, there are major changes to the college.

For one, the school has a new campus at Al Wajba which will open in September 2020. To learn more about how you can apply, visit the admissions page here.

In the video, Dr. Sommer, principal of Doha college, mentioned that while summer classes are held via remote learning, he is optimistic that by September, school will most likely resume in-campus and face to face, perhaps with social distancing rules still in place.

For more details, you can also contact Doha College’s admission office which can be accessed via email, or you can contact them through the phone number 44076777.

The Hamilton International School

The video shows that the Hamilton International School is continuing education through e-learning. It was specifically mentioned that teachers are using Class Dojo to provide video explanations and worksheets to the students.

If you’re interested in enrolling your child in this school, go to their admissions website here. You can also contact them via the telephone number 33296569 or you can email them at

Swiss International School Qatar

The Swiss International School Qatar is providing guidelines for its students on e-Learning, using its YouTube platform to showcase student work, interview students on their e-Learning experience, giving teachers an avenue for instruction, and more.

If you want to apply for a place in this school, visit the admissions web page. You can also contact the school through the telephone number 40363131 or via email

These are just some of the many schools in Qatar that are offering remote learning and online education. The “new normal” has definitely set in for most of Qatar’s schools, and they are adapting very well so that your kids can continue their education.