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Working in Qatar

Resigning from a job can cause trouble to an employee especially if the employer refuses to accept the resignation. It can jeopardize your future employment opportunities and can reflect badly on your qualifications as a job seeker when your new employer conducts a background check on you. To avoid these kinds of situation, you have [...]

Qatar Rail has announced that the Doha Metro tracks installation is expected to be finished by the end of the year and to be fully operational by 2019. The completion of this project is considered to be a major milestone for the agency. Doha Metro Tracks Expected to Be Completed in 2017 Qatar Rail is [...]

If you’re moving to Qatar for employment, make sure you follow the proper guidelines when getting a work permit. You will need a local sponsorship before you can be allowed to work in Qatar. It’s usually the employers who will sponsor you. They are also the ones who will process the necessary documents and submit [...]

Qatar has the highest per capita income in the world, and it is one of the oil-rich countries. It offers many job opportunities for locals and foreigners alike. In this post, we have compiled 5 top job sites that you can use if you want to look for a job there. These sites can help [...]

The Kafala system has just been abolished by the Qatar authorities and introduced a new labor law that aims to safeguard the rights of the expat workers in the country. The elimination of the much-abused Kafala system has been greatly welcomed by most workers and considered to be the start of the reformation process by [...]

Qatar Visa Online

Those who are planning to visit Qatar and have already applied for a visa, you can check your visa online by visiting the Ministry of Interior website. Here’s a guide to help you how you can view it on the internet. Walk-Through on How to Check your Qatar Visa Online The Ministry of Interior has [...]

inside hamad international airport

To everyone  travelling out of Hamad International Airport, please be aware of the newly added fees on your tickets. A QR35 charge will reflect on your individual tickets tagged as “departure charge” as you book your flights from any Travel agencies. As mandated by Qatar Airways, the HIA – Hamad International Airport promised to introduce this [...]

work visa pinoys qatar

Qatari Minster Dr. Issa Saad Al-Jafali Al-Nuaimi announced the availability of 77,000 employment visas for technical and highly-skilled jobs for Pinoys in Qatar. This was mentioned during a recent courtesy call done by Wilfredo C. Santos (Philippine Ambassador to Qatar). A post from the official website of the Philippine Embassy in Doha states that Qatari Labor Minister promised thousands of working visas to [...]

pest control

Officials from pest control companies have reported an increase of demand for pest control services since the past few weeks, these disgusting creatures like termites and roaches are very annoying in Qatar. These pests are increasing in numbers when the climate weather is hotter, although in the cold season, we could still see these pests [...]


Below, we have posted the jobs in Qatar this September 2015. Share this and help your friends/family looking for work! *Qatar Rail – https://qatarofw.com/jobs/qatar-rail/ *Qatar Duty Free – https://qatarofw.com/jobs/qatar-duty-free/ *Ooredoo Telecom – https://qatarofw.com/jobs/ooredoo-telecommunications/ *Qatar National Bank – https://qatarofw.com/jobs/qatar-national-bank/ *Qatar Airways – https://qatarofw.com/jobs/qatar-airways *Qatar Petroleum – https://qatarofw.com/jobs/qatar-petroleum/ *Rivoli Group – https://qatarofw.com/jobs/rivoli-group/ *Al Futtaim Group – https://qatarofw.com/jobs/al-futtaim-group/ *Hilton [...]