7 Tricks to Ensure You Drink Enough Water

We all know the importance of being hydrated. We are nourished, we get clear skin, and we have a natural detoxifying agent. Drinking enough during summer or when it’s hot outside will keep us cool, too.

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Sadly, there are times when we do not meet our daily water requirement. Sometimes, we prefer the taste of soda or caffeine to quench our thirst.

Infused Water

Make it a Habit to Drink Water

Plain old water is all we need to be hydrated. It doesn’t contain any calories or sugar, so we don’t have to worry about gaining extra weight. But if you’re having a hard time drinking enough water, here are some tips to follow:

1. Make it a goal.

Your water container should be visible to you, so you will remember to drink. It is also preferable that your container is within your reach so you have no excuse. Then make it your goal to empty your water container every day.

2. Infuse your water with flavor.

If we prefer to drink soda, then maybe it will be difficult to enjoy the taste of plain water. So how can you improve the taste? You can infuse your water with cucumber or lemon and not just because it is all the rage. What’s even better is that infused water retains its taste all day. Plus, infused water has added vitamins and minerals depending on the ingredient you used.

3. Drink it cold.

Who can say no to ice-cold water? For sure, you will be motivated to drink water when the container is full of ice. When it’s hot outside, cold water will help keep you cool. You can even find a water container that keeps the cold for a long time.

4. Try it with a straw.

Some find it easier to drink water with a straw. But since you need to be environmentally-friendly, drink your water using metal straws or other reusable straws.

5. Bring it with you.

Earlier we have established that your water should be within your reach. So use a sturdy water bottle that you can bring with you at all times. Pretty soon, drinking water will be part of your habit. And when you get thirsty, you have water nearby.

6. Use an app.

If apps are part of your life, then you would be glad to know that there’s an app to remind you to drink more water. There’s an app that gives to charity every time you drink water and an app that lets you compete with your friends.

7. Create reminders.

Aside from an app, you can also set a reminder in your virtual calendar. You can set an alarm every hour so you don’t have to think about it.

Once you get used to it, drinking water will become a habit. No needs to stress yourself about it because it will be part of your routine.

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